Why use EA? What are the benefits of using EA?

The biggest advantage of EA is its execution power. EA is a machine, so it will not have emotions. It will not lose control because of the chagrin of a loss or the pride of making a profit. Many have such experiences: an impulse or an impact on the market. If you refuse to accept it, you will lose all profits for months or even years, but EA will not.

EA can also operate in place of traders, thereby freeing traders’ trading time, reducing traders’ fatigue, and eliminating some artificial mentality problems of traders, so as to stably replace traders to complete transactions.

Is there a useful foreign exchange EA?

Yes, there are a lot of EAs circulating in the market, but some people say that 99% of them are garbage EAs; I think it is wrong. 99% of EAs have worked for a period of time, at least in the short term, they are profitable , I think there are many reasons for EA garbage; it may be that you don’t know how to use it at all, it may be an outdated version you are using, and it may be that EA was originally designed for short-term market features. Because EA is written by people, you find the cracked version of EA that does not have the support of technical personnel, and does not know how to use it. You think it will automatically make money as soon as you hang it up. Of course, there is nothing to do once and for all. If the perfect EA loses people Monitoring can also go wrong. So why do most EA tests on the market disappear for a while?

EA is not the Holy Grail, not an ATM machine. Don’t dream that a little bit of money will be doubled and tens of times. The capital market will always be how much money is to make money. It is unrealistic to use small to expand. The high leverage provided by traders is not for you to use small to expand. , But just to provide your capital utilization rate.

EA is just some trading strategy, if you open the source code, you will suddenly realize, but so. Yes, there is no secret in the core of trading. The advantage of EA lies in the execution of a profitable trading strategy without making mistakes due to fear and greed.