One of the reasons why novices are not so good at the beginning of foreign exchange trading is that they usually choose the wrong trading time frame.
Novices want to get rich quickly, so they will choose a relatively small time frame, such as a 1-minute chart or a 5-minute chart for trading. Then, they will be caught off guard when making a transaction, because, in fact, this is not for them.
For some traders, they feel the most appropriate is to trade on the 1-hour chart.
The time frame of the hourly chart is longer, but not very long, and there will be fewer trading signals, but not very few. Trading under this time frame will give you more time to analyze market conditions, and you will not be caught off guard.
On the other hand, we have a friend who never chooses to trade in the hourly chart framework.

For him, the changes in price patterns on the hourly chart are too slow, and he tends to trade on the 10-minute chart. This can still provide him with enough time (but not a lot of time) to make trading decisions based on his own trading plan.

Another friend of ours also dislikes trading on the hourly chart, because he believes that the price pattern on the hourly chart changes too quickly. He only trades on daily, weekly and monthly charts.

Now, you are likely to ask again, what is the best trading time for you?

Let me tell you this, if you have noticed, it depends on you. You must adapt to the time frame in which you are trading.

When you actually trade, you will also feel some pressure or frustration, because you are doing real trading. This is human nature.

However, your pressure should not be due to the price pattern changing too fast, so that it is difficult for you to make trading decisions, or the pattern changing too slowly to produce frustration.

When we start trading, we should not just limit ourselves to a specific time frame.

We can start with the 15-minute chart.

Then, look at the 5-minute chart.

Then, we can also try the 1-minute chart, the daily chart, and the 4-hour chart.

This is normal for novices until you find a trading time frame that suits you. This is why we recommend that you conduct simulated trading first, and then find out which time frame is most suitable for you after passing simulated trading in different time frames.