Investors need professional foreign exchange trading software when conducting investment analysis. The emergence of many foreign exchange trading software on the market makes investors more blind and do not know which software is better to use. Then the following editor will introduce to you which trading software is more suitable for domestic investors.

Which foreign exchange trading software is easier to use?

For domestic investors, Chinese trading software is more suitable, and it is more clear and clear when trading. In fact, there are many Chinese foreign exchange trading software in China, such as general MT4 trading software. At present, the most used MT4 trading software is the best and most suitable software for trading.

At present, most foreign exchange trading software uses the MT4 foreign exchange trading software developed by Russia’s MetaQuotes. MetaQuotes is a company that provides software products for the financial market. Focus on developing system software for financial foreign exchange, CFD and futures markets, providing professional trading tools and high-quality online automatic trading platforms.

This trading platform is now used by most institutional and individual investors. MetaQuotes upgraded from MT4 to MT5 in 2009. There is also a small number of trading software developed by Wall Street and London Financial Center companies.

The most mainstream trading software on the market now is: MT4 trading software developed by Russian Metaq.

MT4 foreign exchange trading software is a comprehensive market acceptance trading software. MT4 provides a Chinese service page. Almost all foreign exchange dealers encountered provide MT4 account opening. It is the most suitable trading software among all the Chinese foreign exchange trading software at present.

MT4 foreign exchange trading software is currently the most suitable software for trading. It has built-in dozens of technical indicators for investors to use, and investors can also add their own technical indicators to meet the technical analysis needs of all investors.

The Chinese interface of MT4 foreign exchange trading software is relatively simple, powerful but not messy. Compared with other trading software, the operation is also simplified a lot. It is also a Chinese foreign exchange trading software that is also very suitable for novices.

If the investor finds that it is not Chinese after downloading the MT4 foreign exchange trading software, he can also manually set it to Chinese by switching the language option in the software settings.

The world’s most popular 10 mobile foreign exchange APP software recommendation

Let’s take a look at the relevant situation of the foreign exchange APP software developed and provided by the world’s major retail foreign exchange and contract for difference (CFDs) brokers and foreign exchange trading service providers.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Development company: MetaQuotes Software

MT4 is the most popular foreign exchange trading platform, used by millions of foreign exchange brokers and investors. Not surprisingly, it is the most popular foreign exchange trading application. It has the functions of the “regular” MT4 platform. Transactions can be performed on a regular basis, with a full set of transaction orders and all types of transaction execution. The application also provides real-time foreign exchange quotes, transaction orders, transaction history, charts, technical indicators, analysis and other functions.

MT4 is used by many foreign exchange brokers, but mainly Oanda, FXCM, Gain Capital, FXTM, Alpari, etc. Some of these brokers also provide their own proprietary foreign exchange trading applications.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Development company: MetaQuotes Software

MT5 is another popular foreign exchange trading platform developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp.. However, since its launch, most brokers are still accustomed to using MT4. Relatively speaking, the penetration rate of MT5 is still low.

It has the functions of the desktop version of MT5. Users can use it to trade foreign exchange, CFDs, futures, options and stocks. The application provides real-time quotes, charts, technical indicators, analysis, and can also chat with other MT5 platform users.

The brokers currently using MT5 mainly include FXCM, XM, Pepperstone, FXTM, FXPro, Alpari, Exness and so on.

Development company: Spotware

cTrader is also a popular foreign exchange trading platform for foreign exchange, CFD, stock and index trading, but this cannot be inferred from the number of installations. At that time, many brokers had already installed this application, and the installed capacity was considerable. For example, FXPro cTrader of FXPro, a British foreign exchange broker, has an installed capacity of 50,000-100,000. The other is Pepperstone cTrader, which has 1,000 to 5,000 installed platforms, and the third is IC Markets cTrader, which is also in the same range.

Traders can use this platform to trade foreign exchange, CFDs, indices, stocks, precious metals and oil. It provides indicators, charts, technical analysis and tools, live news, etc.

FXCM Trading Station Mobile

Development company: Forex Capital Markets.LLC

Services: foreign exchange, precious metals, stocks, indices, oil and gas trading. Provide real-time executable exchange rates, interactive charts, chart indicators, and market news.

OANDA fxTrade

Development company: Oanda Corporatio

Service: Designed for professional traders and used for institutional-level transactions. More than 90 currency pairs, precious metals and CFDs, chart tools, real-time news from major financial information providers, and economic calendars.

Interactive Brokers IB TWS
Interactive Brokers

Development company: Interactive Brokers Grou

Services: Provide stocks, options, foreign exchange, futures and futures options trading. Real-time access to financial data and charts, and allows users to place orders, monitor their transactions and access data such as their account balances and investment portfolios. Forex APP

Development company: Jiasheng Group

Services: Provide dozens of currency pairs, spot gold and silver, place orders, charts, interest rate alerts, economic calendar, market analysis and comments.


Development company: Plus500

Services: Provide stocks, indices, foreign exchange, ETF, gold, crude oil and CFDs, etc. Real-time market quotes.

Trading 212 Forex & Stocks

Development company: Avus Capital

Services: Trading more than 400 financial instruments, charts, optimization for Android, financial news and analysis.


Development company: Saxo Bank

Services: foreign exchange currency pairs, foreign exchange options, CFDs, stocks and futures trading. The application provides charts, real-time data, direct orders, and simulated accounts.