Where can I get market information?
You can obtain market information in many ways.
Among the many sources of information, the Internet is undoubtedly the most convenient source. Through the Internet, no matter where we are in the world, we can keep up with the latest foreign exchange information. But don’t ignore paper media and traditional broadcast media.

Individual foreign exchange traders will be fascinated by the large number of foreign exchange websites, foreign exchange investment services, and available TV programs. The vast majority of them are free. Of course, some are only available for payment.

These large-scale financial media will provide 24/7 financial information and in-depth reports on the global market. You need to pay close attention to the major events reported by these media, such as the central bank’s interest rate statement, the release and analysis of major economic reports, and so on. These large financial media will also interview many authoritative figures such as economists and analysts of large financial institutions on market hotspots and major issues, and interpret these hotspots and major issues.

The major financial media are:

⊙ Reuters
⊙ Wall Street Journal
⊙ Bloomberg
⊙ marketwatch.com

Real-time news source

If you seek more ways to understand the trend of the currency market, don’t forget the TV set you visit in your living room.

Financial TV programs will also provide you with the latest market trends in the global financial market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the United States, the most sophisticated financial TV programs are Bloomberg TV, CNBC, MSNBC, and even CNN, and you may also watch some BBC TV programs.

Another option for us to obtain real-time data is your trading platform.

Most traders will embed timely news data directly into your trading platform software, and you can easily get the latest events and news about the currency market. Since not all dealers provide this service, it is best to check this information with your dealer in advance.

Economic calendar

If you can clearly know the timing of the Fed’s announcement of the interest rate resolution this month, the market’s predicted value of interest rates, the final published actual value, and the impact of the results on the currency market, is it a great thing? The economic calendar makes all this possible.

A good financial calendar will allow you to find economic data for different months and even different years.

Yes, economic events and data reports are published very frequently. Without the reminder of the financial calendar, it is really difficult for ordinary people to take care of the release of all data and time in a timely manner. The data and events accelerate the fluctuation of currency pairs in the short term.

Fortunately, most economic news announcements that are important to foreign exchange traders are announced in advance a few months ago.