1. Announcement time for small non-agricultural
    Small non-agricultural data is announced once a month, usually two days before the non-agricultural data (that is, Wednesday). Specifically, summer time is generally announced at 20:15 on the first Wednesday of each month and 21:15 in winter time. , Has a certain predictive effect on non-agricultural data, known as “small non-agricultural”.
  2. What is a small non-farm?
    “Small non-agricultural”, abbreviated as ADP, is an American automatic data processing company that publishes more authoritative employment numbers. The ADP National Employment Report is sponsored by ADP. The data comes from a survey of 500,000 private organizations. Therefore, the data is quite accurate and can predict non-agricultural data at the beginning of each month.

Third, what is the impact of small non-agricultural on spot silver?

To put it simply, when the small non-agricultural data is good, it indicates that the US economy is developing healthily. More dollars is good for gold and silver, otherwise the opposite is true.

If the number of small non-agricultural employment is high, it means that the economy is developing well, which is good for the dollar index and blank silver; otherwise, it is bad for the dollar and good for silver. However, there is no inevitable connection between the two in the short term, because the number of employment is not only related to the macroeconomic situation. Other areas, such as the rapid development of high-tech industries, may reduce labor demand, but they can greatly stimulate economic growth.