1. Date of release of major non-agricultural data
    The non-agricultural announcement time is announced on the NO.1 Friday of each month. It is official data. The three data are released at 21:30 Beijing time (Winter time: November-March) and 20:30 (Daylight saving time: April-October) on the first Friday of each month. The data comes from American labor Ministry of Labor Statistics.
  2. Non-agricultural data
    Refers to the three values ​​of non-agricultural employment, employment rate and unemployment rate. As the name suggests, it is a data indicator that reflects the employment status of the non-agricultural population in the United States. These data come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor.
  3. Exchange rate impact
    Non-agricultural data can greatly affect the dollar value of the currency market. A vibrant employment situation report can drive interest rates up, making the U.S. dollar more attractive to foreign investors. They can earn interest income by holding US treasury bonds. On the other hand, a sickly report on the employment situation will weaken the demand for US currency because it causes trouble for the US stock market and exerts downward pressure on interest rates. Both of these will reduce the attractiveness of the U.S. dollar to foreigners.
  4. Non-agricultural market trading
    Enter a lock-up order before the non-agricultural come. You can look at the 5-minute line for the lock-up order, and go long relatively low and short relatively high. If you can do this, you will be a bit profitable and you will pay a handling fee. If you feel This is more troublesome. You can directly enter the lock-up order, and then divide into two methods about 3 minutes before the news is announced: Set 3 stop loss and 6 stop profit for each of the two orders, so that the news is too general. Both orders will be knocked out. You have about 29 points of space after removing the handling fee. Method 2 Both orders are only set to take profit. According to the expected situation of the news, set it in the interval of 5-8 points. After the news, one order If it is cancelled, another order can be closed according to the situation. Only when the data is very good and very bad, is it possible to go to a unilateral market, even if it will exit the unilateral market, there will be a callback.