Forex EA can be developed on the MT4 platform, and the language used is MQ4. Forex EA is the abbreviation of Forex Intelligent Trading System (Expert Advisor). Forex EA is a programmatic trading system for the MT4 platform (Metatrader4), which can automatically complete the operation of foreign exchange transactions without any manual intervention.

A set of EA is a complete trading program. The program obtains the market price in real time, automatically judges the timing of order placement and closing, and the computer simulates the trader’s order operation for machine trading, and executes the transaction according to the pre-edited trading strategy program Order.
Forex EA is the abbreviation of Forex Intelligent Trading System

The main execution process of the EA can be divided into: pegging-opening a position-pegging again-closing a position, and this cycle is executed.

And an EA mainly includes three elements: order execution, risk management and money management

Order execution: when to enter the market to place an order, when to close the position and sell, it is mainly based on the combination of indicators.

Risk management: Risk management and capital management are both very important in foreign exchange transactions. Risk management is usually to set stop-profit and stop-loss.

Money management: Money management is position management. How many lots are placed each time, is it a fixed lot or a ratio based on the total funds

Advantages of foreign exchange EA trading:

  1. Integrate the trading essence of the profitable system and use verified trading strategies for real trading
  2. Overcome weaknesses in human nature and avoid emotional manipulation
  3. Place orders automatically, automatically adapt to price changes and trend changes
  4. The computer monitors the market 24 hours a day, no human operation is required, you can work in the daytime with peace of mind
  5. Strict risk management, no excessive trading

Forex EA has a certain risk

And there are many strategies for EA varieties, and each type of EA is suitable for different market conditions. Therefore, if it is suitable for multiple markets, it is necessary to develop multiple EAs. The cost can be imagined, and the EA on the market is about three months. When there is a new round of market conditions, EA will need to be re-developed, and the cost of developing and maintaining an EA is no less than the cost of training a trader. In fact, it will be higher. With so many sets of EAs, the cost can be imagined. And know.

The existence of risk! At this time, someone may ask, as long as you can make money, what costs are you afraid of! But don’t forget, we have to count the risk of EA! The profitability of a robust EA is not strong. As far as I know, 5%-20% is considered relatively stable profit, but the risk is estimated to be between 5%-15%! Then these profit parts have to be paid to developers who develop EA, those who maintain EA, and those who pay money to investors! In fact, the profit is not high! Let’s count as high profits again! Yes! There are EAs that are 100% profitable in the market, or even more, but you must also understand that the probability of liquidation is quite high!

Actually talk about a simple example! It is when an entrepreneur thinks that the project is likely to make money, and wants to make a bigger picture! So even if he is very sure that he can make money, he will still find someone to raise money at this time. First, the development is fast, and second, the capitalist can help bear certain risks of the project! Therefore, consider foreign exchange EA as a project. This project needs money to operate, money to generate money, and everyone needs to take risks together. Finally, it will be bigger and everyone will make money together! This is the reason!

Marketing EA is valuable! But there are also many defective products, and the most important thing is the long-term observation of EA real offers! Because long-term observation of the firm offer can reveal a lot of information! For example, if he has existed for a long time and has not liquidated his position, then he actually has a professional team to operate and maintain him, and upgrade him according to market conditions! This is a very critical point. EA is programmed to write based on strategy, but he needs someone who understands strategy to use it, and it must be updated and upgraded with market conditions! Try to avoid some BUG!

Firm offer! Anyone who knows a little about foreign exchange must understand the difference between simulated transactions and transactions with actual funds! The analog disks can basically make money, even if they don’t! I ran two opposite hedging simulations and let him run. One of them is always profitable! But if you offer a firm offer, you don’t usually do that! That’s real money!

And trading is a test of human nature, EA also needs someone to control the market, and it is also a person to write strategies! So remember to use a firm offer to observe! Or with the person who sells EA, let them give you a demo account so that you can get familiar with EA first!