How much do you expect to return from foreign exchange transactions?

Of course, everyone who is interested in trading has the determination to make money quickly. This makes — trading involves risks — make sense, and we hope to compensate for these risks.

There is no doubt that every trader wants to make a profit.

You have to ask yourself this question: What is your expected return?
Trading System—What is the expected income from engaging in foreign exchange transactions-Yuhui International

Your answer to this question will determine your trading style, the currency pair and time you choose, and more importantly, the amount of risk involved in the process of achieving your goal.

Let us give an example to make this question clearer. Suppose there are two traders, Zhang San and Li Si. Zhang San expects to get 10% of the income each year, and Li Si is a bit ambitious-he wants to double his account and get 100% of the income.

You can imagine that a trader like Li Si who wants to double his account is in a very different situation.

Li Si’s trading volume and/or risk is likely to be greater than Zhang San. He will expose himself to greater potential risks if he wants to get 100% return.

Traders should take into account the withdrawal of funds. The withdrawal of funds is the difference between the maximum and minimum size of your account.
Every trader must determine how much money he can withstand in order to achieve his profit goal.

There are risk-averse traders in the market, and their capital drawdown is usually small. The result of this type of transaction is that potential returns are limited. And some traders prefer larger withdrawals, as long as their system can bring high returns.

You should also consider the time available for trading. If you can’t spend a lot of time researching the trading system, reading market data and related information, learning new trading techniques, and recording/reviewing trading records, then we guarantee that it is difficult for you to achieve your goals.

If you cannot stick to the time commitment, you need to modify your account growth expectations.

Do you have a set of principles that you can follow to strengthen your trading skills and gain experience in controlling market dynamics?

If you don’t, you can only expect to benefit occasionally in long-term trading.