Foreign exchange scalping strategy. What is foreign exchange scalping?

Foreign exchange scalping is a special foreign exchange trading method, which is characterized by fast in and out, using high profitability to make profits. It requires traders to have a certain judgment on market trends and key points. In addition, there is another kind of foreign exchange scalping that uses the loopholes of the trading platform to trade, and uses the time difference of quotation of different platforms to make profits in ultra-short-term operations.

Why do you want to conduct foreign exchange scalping?

Foreign exchange scalping is a special foreign exchange trading method that allows traders to achieve high profitability in ultra-short-term operations, thereby quickly achieving profitability. Therefore, foreign exchange scalping is favored by many traders.

How to conduct foreign exchange scalping transactions?

Due to the source of the quotation, server speed, network conditions and other reasons, sometimes the quotations between different foreign exchange platforms may not be synchronized. Therefore, traders can use the platform with relatively fast quotation as a reference, and place orders on the platform with relatively slow quotation, so that the time difference of quotation can be used to achieve a high accuracy rate, thereby achieving profit.

What are the foreign exchange scalping strategies?

For normal fast-forward and fast-out scalping, traders can adopt low-profit trading strategies. Only focus on one or two currency pairs and look for unique fluctuation patterns. 2. Use technical indicators and foreign exchange charts to find good scalping opportunities. 3. Get out of the market quickly and retain profits. Staying in the market for a while longer takes the risk of market reversal. The characteristic of scalping is fast forward and fast out. 4. For scalping transactions that exploit platform loopholes, traders can adopt a strategy of heavy trading, because the profit rate of this order placement method is very high, and huge profits can be achieved through trading volume.

Where to use foreign exchange scalping strategy?

The general formal foreign exchange trading platform is a no-dealer mode, hedging in the foreign exchange market, rather than internal digestion, so scalping transactions have no effect on them, and traders can conduct scalping transactions. But for gambling platforms, foreign exchange scalping transactions are not supported.