Copy trading was first developed abroad, because the trading system, trading rules, and user experience are not in line with Chinese traders, and they have never been used in China. In recent years, the domestic Internet O2O model has flourished and has begun to penetrate all walks of life, and the Internet + thinking has also been implemented in the field of financial investment. Through the network, master traders, ordinary traders, loss-making traders, etc. are gathered together, and the big data analysis of the transaction has produced copy transactions in two directions: forward copying and reverse copying. The two are divided below I will give you a brief introduction to each direction.

How to do foreign exchange copy trading

Forward copy

It connects trading masters and investors through both ends of the network to match resources and transactions. It is a very ideal business model, and multiple parties can benefit from the connection.

Through the form of web and app, the customer’s fund account is synchronized with other signals on the network. The customer’s account can freely set the proportion of funds to copy orders and share the social trading method of multiple master trading signals.

What investors need to do is to free themselves from the tedious trading details and focus on selecting good traders. If there are a hundred Soros leading you to make orders, and it is a fully automated transaction, the investor’s account performance is bound to be very beautiful.

For traders, they are proficient in trading, extremely sensitive to market data, and are keen and even addicted to investment transactions. According to the masters I have contacted, many have experienced painful failures and have a deep understanding of the market after the ups and downs. Summarize your own unique trading concepts and methods. But they lack funds and can’t market customers. In theory, the documentary website can solve the performance display of masters and the role of trader brand promotion. Good performance, with the help of the automated mechanism of document copying, can attract a large amount of funds to follow the transaction, and the signal fee, handling fee or net value share is sufficient to stimulate traders to create stable and mature performance.

Reverse copy

The introduction of the prototype of anti-trading was inspired by the Nobel economists Kamani and Smith’s behavioral economics and experimental economics test in 2002. Most traders ended up failing in the psychological results of the test behavior.

In 2015, the stock index futures market was crazy. All parts of the country have set up stock index futures. A large amount of funds flowed into the trading market. The fund monitoring company found that the trading results of the customers showed the obvious two-eight law, and most of the customers were at a loss. , And the loss rate is relatively fast, which led to the original idea of ​​reverse copying, and the early anti-copying people made money all the way, at least doubled, and as many as ten times the income, which attracted attention.

In recent years, anti-copy trading has low-key but high-yielding companies in the industry. Basically, they use free funds to conduct transactions. Through the collection of transaction data, signal screening, and capital allocation, they are used in domestic and international futures. The foreign exchange market has made huge profits. Of course, many companies that are not familiar with the process and have low awareness of risk control have fallen one after another.

Investors must have a clear understanding. The capital market has come to this day. If your transaction does not have high-quality trading tools such as arbitrage hedging, programmatic, and copying, you will only rely on human basic technical judgments to get big Profit is difficult, even impossible. The reason why the 2 in the two-eight law is profitable is that there are methods and tools. It is clear at a glance how much profit is made in the zero-sum game and how much is lost.

How to do foreign exchange copy trading?

Know your order situation

The order situation we are talking about here does not only refer to which product is being traded, when to buy, whether to buy up or down, more importantly, it is necessary to understand why the instructor with the order operates in this way, and what is the basis for judgment. It is the real value.

Cultivate risk awareness

Most of the teachers who take orders are very risk-conscious. They will make their own trading plan and plan for the worst before taking orders. However, many beginners who copy orders do not have this level of awareness. If you want to make more money from the process of copying, you often use high-risk methods to copy the order. In the end, the teacher makes money and the copyist loses money. Therefore, novices should pay special attention to the risk when copying transactions. Stop loss.

Documentary summary

Forex novice copying is not just about making money and it’s okay. You also need to summarize what you have learned in the process of copying, what trading rules and analytical skills you have mastered, only in this way can you gradually step out of the novice and let yourself Become a master of trading. If you don’t do a good job of summarizing, just follow the order blindly, and you won’t be able to give full play to its due effect.

Order copying is a learning method for novice foreign exchange investors to understand the foreign exchange market. We must be responsible for our own transactions regardless of profit or loss, and the first thing to do before starting copying is to shop around and choose reliable ones. Take a single teacher.

If you want to copy orders in the foreign exchange documentary community, first understand this foreign exchange documentary community. Find the best quality and the most suitable copy community for your growth to choose copy.

Looking at the stability and income of the signal source of the copy community, this generally needs to be observed for a period of time, but the transaction is full of uncertainty, so it must be judged based on the market situation.

Finally, I can tell you a word, investment is risky, you need to be cautious when entering the market! There are certain risks in everything.

On the whole, for beginners, it is more important than copying to learn from other people’s trading experience, risk control and discipline, to understand why you are trading at this time, and to clearly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the order holder’s trading system and the system Risk, not blindly follow the order. When conducting foreign exchange transactions, it must be combined with capital transaction judgment.