Forex EA is the abbreviation of Expert Advisor in English and the abbreviation of foreign exchange trading system. Forex EA is a simulation through manual operation to complete the transaction. Forex EA is a programmatic trading system of the MT4 platform (Metatrader4), and the language used is MQ4. A foreign exchange EA is a complete trading program. The program obtains real-time market prices through the banking system, automatically places orders and grasps the timing of closing positions. A computer-simulated trader places an order and executes the transaction according to a pre-set foreign exchange trading strategy program. Forex EA can automate foreign exchange-related foreign exchange transactions without thinking of intervention.

EA, whose full name is Intelligent Trading System in Chinese, is to complete transactions through computer simulation of human operations. By programming the trading ideas, the trader makes the computer follow the trader’s trading ideas to carry out the transaction process without mental interference.

Trading 24 hours a day, at any time, at any time according to the new trend changes, foreign exchange trading operations, very convenient for investment. Two-way trading, two-way trading of foreign exchange is very flexible, without any restrictions, foreign exchange traders can freely use the market’s ups and downs to profit. The cost is low, investors can trade through leverage, the flexible use of funds, and the effectiveness of foreign exchange transactions are far better than stocks.

What are the advantages of Forex EA over traditional human intervention trading?

  1. Integrate the trading essence of the profitable system, and use verified foreign exchange trading strategies for actual trading
  2. Overcome human weakness and avoid emotional manipulation
  3. Place orders automatically, adapt to price and trend changes automatically through the program
  4. The computer monitors the market conditions 24 hours a day, without manual operation, and can work at ease during the day
  5. Strict risk management, no excessive trading