What is a foreign exchange trading system?

The foreign exchange trading system is to compile a set of mature trading methods into standard rules, and use these standard rules to guide us to complete each transaction. The system is a scientific view in which people realize the whole thing from the connection between parts. Systematization means to express and implement this kind of conscious knowledge in an orderly and intuitive way. Make foreign exchange transactions more worry-free and effortless.

What is the function of the foreign exchange trading system?

The trading system can help investors to clearly and objectively test their own operating methods before actually entering the foreign exchange market, thereby saving a large amount of foreign exchange funds; the trading system can help investors learn to observe the market according to the principles of statistics; The system can help investors effectively control the risk of foreign exchange speculation. The essence of trading in the foreign exchange system is to deal with what is happening, not what will happen in the future. It is to trade based on trading signals, not to predict the market. The correct trading idea is the prerequisite for using the trading system!

What is a foreign exchange trading system? What is a foreign exchange trading system?

The foreign exchange trading system is the buying and selling rules that every long-term foreign exchange investor must establish. The trading system makes buying and selling orders in accordance with the market trend in all aspects of opening, closing, adding positions, trend judgment, risk control, and capital management. The foreign exchange trading system is a tool for foreign exchange, and foreign exchange cannot be successful without tools.

How to conduct foreign exchange transactions?

Mature traders generally have their own unique foreign exchange trading system, and trading with the foreign exchange trading system is an effective way to conduct foreign exchange transactions.

The concept of the foreign exchange trading system, foreign exchange transactions should follow the trend.

The concept of the trading system is summed up by traders who have fumbled and explored in the market for a long time. It is an understanding of the regularity of the market and an overall trading behavior system.

Three steps to homeopathy

The first step of taking advantage of the trend: first follow the small trend, then follow the general trend. The general trend is the big cycle, which is the monthly line and the weekly line; the small trend is the small cycle, which is 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 30 minutes. Regardless of whether your judgment of the general trend is long or short, the entry point must follow the direction of the small trend.

The second step of the trend: the price confirms the direction and enters the market with a 1-minute graph. That is, when entering the market, the price movement direction must be consistent with your operation direction. Whether you are in the long-term, mid-term, or short-term, and want to go long, in the minimum time period, at the moment you enter the market, the price must be long.

The third step of the homeopathy: the dialectical unity of homeopathy overweight and top-bottom deviation. Overweighting and top-bottom deviation are two diametrically opposed operating concepts. The main technical tools for overweighting are moving averages and other trend indicators. The main technical tools for top-bottom deviation are RSI, KDJ, and other volatile technical indicators.