Nowadays, many people will invest, and there are more and more ways to invest. Some people may like to invest in stocks, while others like to invest in foreign exchange. No matter what kind of investment method, as long as you master the skills and Skills can be profitable. However, you can not only rely on skills and techniques to gain profit, but also have certain basic knowledge to understand. If you do not understand these basic knowledge, you will not only be unable to learn skills and techniques, but may also lead to investment failure. For example, in the stock market, Weibi and Weicha are stock terms that many people often hear. So what does Weibi mean? Is it better to be positive or negative? Next, I will give you some answers.

What does Weibi mean? Is Weibi positive or negative?

Perhaps as investors, most people know what Weibi means? Is it better to be positive or negative? It’s just that there are many newbies who have just invested in the stock market and don’t know much about these stock terms. They don’t know what Weibi means, so let’s briefly talk about what Weibi means.

In fact, commission and commission are performance indicators used to distinguish the strength of buying and selling orders. If the commission is positive, it means the buying power is stronger. If the commission is negative, it means the selling order is stronger. Some, the pressure will be heavier. To put it simply, when the ratio is positive, the possibility of price increase is greater, and when the ratio is negative, the possibility of price decline is greater. However, as an investor, you must understand that the ratio will be artificially affected. It is affected by interference factors, so this can be used as a reference, but not too much. It should be used with other indicators for reference.

Is it better than positive or negative

What does Weibi mean? Is it better to be positive or negative? It’s easy to understand. If we say that the ratio is positive, it means that the buying power is strong, and it means that the price of stocks in the stock market may continue to rise. For investors, this is a good performance, which means that the stocks invested have not shown an increase. Trend, investors will profit, so investors are more hopeful that the ratio is positive.

I believe everyone already understands what Weibi means? Is it better to be positive or negative? But I need to remind everyone here that every investment has certain risks, and every investment market will definitely have changes. These changes may be good or bad. Certain indicators or data can indeed be used as Reference, but not to rely too much on it. It is necessary to combine a variety of data and indicators to make judgments and references, so that it is more conducive to reducing investment risks and making profits.