In recent years, many people have invested in foreign exchange and feel that doing foreign exchange can indeed bring good benefits. However, many people do not have a deep understanding of foreign exchange. Therefore, when investing in foreign exchange, they may not know some basics about foreign exchange. Common sense or technical terms. For example, many people don’t understand the meaning of the exchange rate for purchase of foreign exchange, the exchange rate for settlement, and the exchange rate for settlement of notes. Then, let’s briefly talk about the purchase exchange rate, the settlement exchange rate, and the settlement exchange rate for everyone.

Exchange rate

The so-called exchange rate of foreign exchange purchase actually refers to the exchange rate when we use the RMB to purchase foreign exchange. For example, we want to purchase foreign exchange for 100,000 US dollars. If the current exchange rate is 6.66, then It will be purchased with 666,000 RMB. I believe that through this example, everyone has a good understanding of the meaning of exchange rate purchases.

Exchange rate

The so-called exchange rate refers to the exchange rate when using foreign currency to purchase RMB. To put it simply, it is how much US dollars we have earned in foreign exchange. If the exchange is based on the current exchange rate, the bank will exchange how much RMB to us. If the exchange rate is 6.13 yuan, the foreign exchange income will be 1 million. U.S. dollars can be exchanged for 6.13 million yuan through banks.

Settlement exchange rate

The exchange rate of banknotes is better understood, that is, the exchange rate at which the cash in the hand is sold to the bank. Usually, the exchange rate for purchase of foreign exchange is a little higher than the exchange rate for settlement, and the bank is to make the difference.

Many people may not have a good understanding of the purchase price of spot foreign exchange and the purchase price of cash. In fact, the purchase price of foreign exchange is the amount of money that the country remittances to the domestic account is sold to the bank and converted into RMB, while the cash purchase The entry price refers to the RMB price paid by the bank when domestic customers take foreign currency cash to the bank and sell the foreign currency to the bank.

After answering, I believe that everyone has already understood the meaning of foreign exchange settlement exchange rate, settlement exchange rate and purchase exchange rate. This knowledge will be of great help to foreign exchange transactions. If you don’t understand this basic knowledge enough, then invest in foreign exchange Time will definitely suffer. Therefore, those who want to speculate in foreign exchange may wish to learn more about the basic knowledge of foreign exchange speculation, or some professional terms. After all, any investment has risks. If you want to reduce the risk, you must learn more about foreign exchange investment.