Investors involved in the financial market are certainly not new to non-agricultural investors. Every release of non-agricultural data will cause a violent reaction in the financial market. In fact, there are large non-agricultural and small non-agricultural non-agricultural, and many investors may not be very clear. Let me introduce the meaning of Dafeinong?

What does Dafeinong mean? In fact, the so-called big non-agricultural is what we usually call non-agricultural, referring to the three values ​​of the non-agricultural employment rate in the United States, the number of non-agricultural employment and the unemployment rate. As the name suggests, it is a data indicator that reflects the employment status of the US non-agricultural sector. There are large non-agricultural and small non-agricultural of course. Small non-agricultural refers to the private sector non-agricultural data (ADP data) before the large non-agricultural. Because it can reflect the large non-agricultural data of the current month to a certain extent, it is usually Known as small non-agricultural.

Normally, the announcement time for non-agricultural enterprises is the first Friday of each month, while the announcement time for small non-agricultural enterprises is the Wednesday of the week when the announcement of the non-agricultural enterprises is announced. Normally, there is a close relationship between big non-agricultural data and small non-agricultural data.

The small non-agricultural data reflects the employment problem in the private sector. Normally, if the small non-agricultural data is better, then it can basically be determined that the trend of the big non-agricultural data will be better.

For example, the non-agricultural data for June 2012 and the data released by the American private employment service agency ADP Employer Services on July 5 showed that the number of ADP employment in the United States increased by 176,000 in June, far higher than the market expectation of 105,000. In addition, the ADP employment growth rate in May was revised to 136,000, and the preliminary data was 133,000. Officially announced on July 6, the non-agricultural employment data in the United States increased by 80,000 in June, the previous value was +69,000, and the expected value was +90,000.

What does Dafeinong mean? I believe that through the above introduction, investors have already understood the relationship between large non-agricultural and small non-agricultural.