What are the requirements for foreign exchange account opening? What are the requirements for opening a foreign exchange account?

With the development of the foreign exchange market, more and more investors participate in foreign exchange transactions, and the first thing to do for foreign exchange entry is to open an account. Therefore, many investors want to understand the specific requirements and conditions for foreign exchange account opening.

In fact, there are no harsh requirements and conditions for foreign exchange account opening. Investors can successfully open an account as long as they complete the registration and deposit two steps on the formal foreign exchange trading platform. Below, the author will give you a specific introduction.

What are the requirements for foreign exchange account opening? Choose a formal trading platform
Choose a formal trading platform

The most important thing for foreign exchange account opening is to choose a platform with formal supervision, which is the fundamental guarantee for transaction safety. The best way to identify whether the platform is formal and whether the funds are safe: 1. Look at the supervision of the platform. Generally speaking, FCA, ASIC, NFA and other institutions have the most stringent supervision of foreign exchange licenses. Therefore, Real Mart’s foreign exchange platform, which is under dual supervision of FCA and ASIC, is relatively formal and safe.

Open the platform website of our selected foreign exchange dealer or agent, browse it roughly, and confirm the main things such as your own trading products and spreads; and various profit activities.

Complete the real account registration

After selecting the platform, prepare ID cards, bank cards and other materials used to prove identity and capital turnover channels. General foreign exchange dealers or agents have the option of opening a foreign exchange account on their websites. After clicking, there will be a specific process. Investors provide their own necessary information according to the process. These must be true and frequently used. Account information, because this information will be sent to the foreign exchange platform for review,

After the review is passed, you can log in with your registered trading account and password

Open account after deposit

After completing the registration, and then completing the deposit, the account will be officially opened and investors can already trade. Don’t worry about depositing investors. Generally, formal foreign exchange trading platforms have very low requirements for opening an account. For example, if you open an account at Real Forex, you can deposit at least $200, which is only a few hundred yuan in RMB. This account opening threshold It is very low, and most investors can easily meet this requirement.

How to judge the authenticity of the foreign exchange trading platform?

The authenticity of the foreign exchange platform can be judged by the following conditions:

(1) First of all, foreign exchange transactions must be subject to the supervision of the country where they are located, so whether they have obtained the permission of the country where they are located is a very important criterion for judging. There is no supervision, or the set of supervision is a fake foreign exchange dealer

(2) See if the trading software used by this platform is genuine, if pirated software is used, then it is a fake platform.

(3) Some clues can also be seen from the website domain name used by the platform. For example: the other party said that he was a large British company, but found that the domain name of the other party’s website was registered in China, which is problematic.

(4) A further step is to do field investigations. According to the reports of netizens, they then went to the reported companies to conduct on-site investigations: pretending to be investors, making positive contacts with these companies to obtain relevant information. Or go to the registered locations of these companies to find out.

For foreign exchange speculation, the platform is very important. A formal and stable platform will allow investors to trade with confidence and no longer worry about other issues. These three points are essential for investment, capital management, risk control and mentality changes. , I hope that every investor can find a platform suitable for him and realize profit as soon as possible.