What is the threshold for opening a futures account?

Commodity futures account opening conditions are unlimited. Now, opening a futures account is free. About a few thousand yuan or more, you can participate in first-hand commodity futures trading. Let’s take a look at the futures account opening conditions.

Other conditions for opening a commodity futures account are as follows:

The following entities and individuals are not allowed to engage in futures trading, and futures companies must not accept their entrustment to conduct futures trading for them. Only those who meet the requirements for opening futures accounts can open accounts:

(1) State agencies and institutions

(2) Staff members of the State Council’s futures regulatory agency, futures exchanges, futures margin security depository monitoring agencies, and futures industry associations

(3) Those who are prohibited from entering the securities and futures markets

(4) Units and individuals who fail to provide proof of account opening

(5) Other units and individuals that are prohibited from engaging in futures trading as stipulated by the futures regulatory agency of the State Council.

Stock index futures account opening threshold:

Investors engaged in stock index futures should meet three necessary conditions:

First, there is a certain degree of risk tolerance, and the threshold for opening an account for stock index futures is set at 500,000.

Second, there is a certain degree of risk knowledge. Investors must pass the knowledge test organized by the futures company before they can engage in trading.

The third is a certain amount of simulation trading or commodity futures trading experience.

In addition, investors have to undergo a comprehensive evaluation, and the comprehensive evaluation will be scored according to the four major indicators of academic qualifications, age, relevant investment experience, personal financial situation, and personal integrity records. Only when the sum of the four items reaches a certain standard can the transaction be carried out. The comprehensive assessment score is not less than 70 points, and the passing line of the investor knowledge test is 80 points.

There are risks in the futures market, and investment needs to be cautious.

The specific futures account opening conditions and requirements are as follows:

  1. Individual account opening requires ID card and bank card.
  2. Investors who have reached the age of 18 and have civil capacity must pass risk assessment to open an account.

Except for financial futures, crude oil, iron ore, PTA, low-sulfur fuel oil and No. 20 rubber futures, other commodity futures have no capital and experience requirements. You can quickly go through the account opening process by downloading the account opening app on your mobile phone.

Because futures is a margin trading system, investors need to pay a certain percentage of margin to enter the market. At present, a contract with a special margin requirement only costs about 2,000 yuan per lot. This means that novices want to participate in futures trading and need to prepare 2,000 yuan in funds.

Futures account opening is the behavior of investors opening futures accounts and capital accounts. The Securities Regulatory Commission does not expressly stipulate the account opening funds of futures investors. The account opening funds vary with the size of the futures company and the transaction, and the company has a certain amount of floating space for the account opening funds. With the gradual increase in bank-to-future transfers and futures-to-certificate transfers, customers can freely transfer funds between bank accounts, securities accounts, and futures accounts.