Now, you have some weapons to invest in the foreign exchange market, a battlefield without smoke. In this lesson, you will add another new weapon: technical graphic form.

We can compare the graphic form to a mine detector, because once you complete the course of this course, you will be able to detect the location of the “landmine” on the graph before the graphic form is formed, which will allow you to run in the price pattern Earn a lot of money.
In this lesson, we will teach you the basic graphic form. When you can correctly identify these forms, you can usually seize the profit opportunity brought by the explosive breakthrough market, let us know now.

Remember, our purpose is to “detect” the possibility of this potential market before the big volatility market appears, so that we can profit in the evolution of the market. After all, we don’t want to stand by the cornucopia looking at the white flowers and silver and miss the opportunity to grab it.

The shape of the graph will help us to determine the possible breakthrough market in the market to a large extent. They can also indicate that the price will continue the current direction of operation, or reverse the market, which is helpful for you to guide your trading strategy through graphical patterns.
Don’t worry, we will organize a memo to help you remember these very cool forms and strategies!
Below we list some common technical forms, which we will introduce one by one in the following courses.

  • Double top and double bottom patterns
  • Head and shoulder top and inverted head and shoulder top patterns
  • Rising and falling wedge
  • Bullish and bearish rectangles
  • Bullish and bearish flags
  • Triangle pattern (symmetrical, ascending and descending triangles)