In the past two years, foreign exchange margin trading development has been in full swing, and more and more investors have begun to pay attention to foreign exchange trading. However, it is not uncommon for a lot of funds to be cheated by hacked platforms. This is mainly because many lawbreakers have grasped the weak recognition ability of foreign exchange investors' foreign exchange platforms, purchased pirated trading software, registered pirated companies with the same name as foreign companies, and then used many other people's regulatory accounts. In China, extensive publicity is carried out to attract foreign exchange financial investors to invest funds, such as the currency encirclement method and other black-box operations, so investors' funds cannot be guaranteed. Among them, interruption of the transaction server, considerable slippage charges, a much higher difference than standard regulations, and prohibition of customer payment is common method of black platforms. Under the rules of the game, large and small, once customers obtain high profits, "black platforms" and "black intermediaries" will fall into severe losses and choose to slap the bottom of the "run". So, what is the main routine of the black platform?

The platform usually uses the following methods to route customers:

Various temptations: The platform carries out a lot of product marketing, with verbal promises, such as high profits and high returns, and even false high return cases, to induce traders to open accounts and deposit funds.

Deposit and withdrawal trap: After depositing into a private account or depositing, the safety of the customer's funds cannot be guaranteed. Don't give up money. Try to make investors lose money.

Selling trading signals; relevant institutions or individual traders use their rich experience and trading capabilities to attract customers and even organize groups to deceive customers and promote huge returns. To lure deceived customers to pay the fees, so cheating companies and individuals either choose to abscond from time to time or recommend some good transactions to maintain long-term fraud.

The sliding point is abnormal. There are also forward and backward slippages, but in general, the slippage mentioned by people is not suitable for traders. Due to the depth of the foreign exchange market, trading orders are at the level of 100 billion to trillions of dollars, and there is usually no lack of depth, so there will be no slippage. However, when the market fluctuates drastically (for example, central bank meeting minutes, non-agricultural employment data, GDP data, etc.), due to the imbalance in the depth of real-time transaction orders, the buying and selling prices will increase, and the buying and selling prices will be higher than the bullish price. The closest transaction price closes, which causes a slippage. Therefore, any common platform will appear and should have slippage. The difference between the regular platform and the black platform is the time when the slip point appears. The conventional platform will not slide in the general market, the slides should only exist in the vast market, and the black platform will slide at any time.

Trading restrictions: In trading, black platforms can prevent customers from profiting through registration restrictions, distance restrictions between registration and stop loss and profit, position restrictions, scalping restrictions, and EA restrictions. Wait

Quotation exception: The quotation of the trading platform itself is different from the quotation system of the bank, but the source of the platform is the same, and the quote is almost the same. Due to network reasons, there may be short-term delays, which is allowed. The quotation of the black platform may have a significant deviation, which will seriously affect the return of investors. In addition, if the source is not timely and under non-specific circumstances, re-quoting is a means used by the black platform.

Operating platform gap; although this form of fraud has gradually disappeared, unregulated overseas retail brokers can still use this method. Once they obtain client funds, they are likely to abscond.