FXCM FXCM Dealer was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in New York. Its operating subsidiaries are regulated in multiple jurisdictions. The column provides FXCM foreign exchange dealer introduction, official website details, regulatory verification, trading products, account opening information, product spreads, deposit and withdrawal details, user feedback, latest offers, etc.

Country: Australia

Established time: 1999

Minimum deposit: UnionPay deposit minimum single deposit is 100 USD, credit card or wire transfer deposit minimum 50 USD, agent 300 USD

Number of trading lots: 0.01 hands

Maximum leverage: 400 times by default for foreign exchange

Liquidation ratio: 100% (when the available margin is 0, forced liquidation)

Lock position: Allow one-sided margin

Scalping: foreign exchange allowed, not foreign exchange prohibited

Spread type: floating

Expert Advisor: Allowed

Regulatory agencies: FCA, ASIC

Platform software: TS2.0, MT4, web version, mobile version

Business model: foreign exchange no-dealer model, non-forex market maker model

Deposit method: credit card, wire transfer
FXCM FXCM Dealer (Score: 9.29)

Platform stability

Many investors are using the foreign exchange platform, and if there is a big market situation, the platform may be dropped. But FXCM Forex is different. The FXCM platform has two trading softwares, TS2 and MT4, and a proxy server is set up in Hong Kong, China. If there is a big market situation, investors can log in to the proxy server to conduct transactions, and the proxy server realizes diversion. Make the FXCM foreign exchange platform more stable.