Like everything in life, everything depends on you.

If you like to deal with things at a slower pace, in every transaction, always deal with it calmly, maybe longer frame trading will be more suitable for you.

Or, you like the exciting, fast-forward and fast-out trading style, then you should choose to trade in the 5-minute graph.

In the figure below, we have listed some basic time frames and explained the differences in each time frame.
You must also consider the size of the capital account you are trading.

Short-term trading allows you to make better use of margin and set tighter stop losses.

Longer time frame trading requires a wider stop loss. Therefore, the requirements for the size of funds in the trading account are higher. Only in this way can you avoid the situation of margin call due to excessive market fluctuations.

The most important thing you need to remember is that no matter which time frame you choose to trade in, it needs to be suitable for you.

If you feel a little inappropriate, like your underwear is too loose, or your shorts are too short, then you will have a lot of problems in trading.

This is why, we recommend that you conduct simulated trading for a period of time. You should fully try multiple time trading during this time to find the most suitable trading time for you, which will help you make the best trading decisions.

When you finally determine your preferred trading time frame, then it means that the time for you to enjoy the fun of trading has arrived. At this time, you will begin to use the multi-period framework to help you analyze market trends.