Since 1997, with the development of the Internet, online foreign exchange margin trading has taken the world by storm and has become a popular way of foreign exchange transactions. Not only have inter-bank transactions begun to use online methods, but more and more individuals are participating in the foreign exchange market through the Internet. The development of online foreign exchange transactions has broken geographical limitations, making it easier for individuals and small institutional investors to rely on local brokers to participate in foreign exchange transactions to conveniently earn foreign exchange investments. Low transaction fees, in the stock market, you have to pay brokerage commissions and transaction service fees. The over-the-counter transaction structure of the foreign exchange market eliminates most of the transaction and settlement costs, thereby reducing transaction expenses. Because the high-efficiency pure electronic transaction system allows customers to directly trade with market makers, eliminating many bills and intermediary fees, transaction costs can be further reduced.

Controllability of foreign exchange risks. The first principle of any investment is to avoid risks and preserve the principal. You can set a stop-loss price for each transaction according to the market situation and the acceptable degree of loss. When the price reaches your lowest stop-loss price, the transaction will automatically stop to prevent excessive damage to the principal. Risks are easy to control, but returns have no upper limit. Provides ten times higher leverage than invested stocks. In the stock market, you can only hold at most US$2000 worth of supplies for every US$1,000 financed in the stock market. The maximum leverage ratio is 2 to 1. But in the currency market, if you invest USD 1,000 in foreign exchange trading, you can control up to USD 20,000.

The market environment is open and transparent. Compared with the stock market, although the foreign exchange market is not perfect, it can be the cleanest and most transparent. Investors do not have to worry about the performance of each stock; there is no so-called "insider trading." Soros can understand the same information that ordinary investors can understand. With a daily trading volume of 60 billion US dollars in the foreign exchange market, no institution has the strength to act as a banker. Foreign exchange trading can satisfy technical investors fully, and the strong trend of foreign currency trading significantly benefits technical investors. Unlike stock investment, currencies will not rise and fall within a narrow range for a long time but will show the strong trend of the development trend market. More than 80% of investment is speculative, so the market usually goes beyond and adjusts itself. Investors who have studied technical analysis can quickly identify new trends and breakthroughs, thus providing different market entry and exit opportunities.

The time is flexible, and the transaction will be executed immediately at a price and will not be covered. Trading is available 24 hours a day, and you can easily open positions at any time in your spare time after getting off work without worrying that no one will accept the limit due to the price limit. Interest income is considerable if you invest in a currency with a high-interest rate. Because you amplify your transaction amount, you will get excess interest returns. High-interest currencies such as British pounds, US dollars, Australian dollars, etc. It is easier to grasp the trend of different countries than to analyze the changes of the company. The country's operation is usually more stable than the company, which means that it is easier to predict the direction of economic development. Currency trading is a pair, which means that investors want to "buy" one currency and "sell" another currency simultaneously, just like a stock investment, investment. The money should choose a coin with a fast growth rate and better economic conditions in the country.

Infinite profit opportunities with short-term fluctuations, exchange rates between international currencies are constantly changing. You don't have to worry about how much you make every day. Because there are opportunities at all times, you can accumulate small wins into big wins. After one year, short-term profits will bring you considerable profits. It's like guarding a golden mountain and seeing how much you dig every day. Twenty-four hours a day, non-stop trading, trading liquidity after stock trading hours is low, and trading is not easy. But in foreign exchange, the world's largest and most liquid market, you can trade with, the online transaction documentary network, 24 hours a day. The foreign exchange market is a 24-hour uninterrupted market. On Sunday at 5:00 pm Eastern time, foreign exchange trading begins in Sydney, Australia, then at 7:00 in Tokyo, Japan, and then at 2:00 in the morning in London, England, and finally It's New York, the USA, at 8 a.m. Use small funds to make significant transactions, and leverage small funds to expand. Because foreign exchange margin trading is the international mainstream foreign exchange trading method, the power is infinite two-way trading, and there are many opportunities to make money. Stock investment can only make money if it rises, while foreign exchange can be bought up or down. You can make money as long as you choose the right trading direction. In the stock market, the time of the short need is much longer than that of the long call, and investment opportunities are not easy to grasp.