Nowadays, more and more investors are involved in the foreign exchange financial management industry. Why foreign exchange investment can last for a long time is determined by its own advantages. There are still a lot of knowledge and skills to learn about foreign exchange investment. If you really want to get a piece of the foreign exchange market, follow our Yuhui international network system to learn the knowledge of foreign exchange from entry to proficiency. So today, the editor of Yuhui International will explain to you: Ten iron rules to remember in foreign exchange transactions

When the volume continues to increase in the third wave, the volume will definitely remain above the contour line. During this period, the 30-day equivalence line was able to break through the 100-day equivalence line, and the trading volume remained above the 30-day and 100-day equivalence lines, indicating that over-the-counter funds continued to flow in, and it was not a problem to raise the stock price.

In the third wave of heavy volume, the upward trend of stock prices was strengthened, and our short-term position opening opportunities were fleeting. Only by actively buying stocks can we obtain a higher return on investment. To achieve greater profitability, we also need to increase the number of shares. Holding stocks continuously during the price recovery period can obtain stable returns.

Actual combat points

  1. As shown in Figure 6-10, the daily K-line chart shows that when the third wave of trading volume is effectively heavy, the volume is already above the 100-day equivalence line. This shows that the stock’s rebound trend has been well strengthened. At least in the short term, the stock is still very active. If we actively intervene, short-term losses will not appear.
  2. The profit rate of the chips displayed at the position H in the figure is as high as 86%, which is the result of effective amplification of trading volume. The price performance is extremely active. Although the stock price has not yet seen a daily limit, it is only one step away from the daily limit.
  3. After the third wave of volume increase, the 30-day contour line obviously broke through the 100-day contour line, which also provided support for further price increases. The heavy volume trend will not end, and the trend of the chips shown at the K position in the figure diverging to the high price is strengthened. It can be concluded that the upward trend in stock prices has not been fully released, and we can continue to hold shares to obtain higher returns.
    Actual combat points of isometric line breakthrough
    Figure 6-10: The rising trend of volume and price

Actual combat points

  1. As shown in Figure 6-11, the daily K-line chart shows that after the third wave of heavy trading volume at position A, when the trading volume in the chart is effectively enlarged for the fourth time, the stock clearly has a daily limit trend. . After the emergence of two consecutive daily limit, the stock rose 42% in the short-term, providing investors with a better profit opportunity.
  2. If we open a position when the stock price adjusts after heavy volume at position A, we are expected to get a return of more than 42%. After the end of the stock’s heavy volume daily limit, the short-term recovery trend is still achieved. The bargaining rate at position H in the figure is as high as 100%, and investors are all profitable, which has become an important factor in price inertia.

It has to be said that with more than three bands of heavy volume, the stock price trend tends to be strong. The emergence of the heavy volume daily limit indicates that the price trend is very strong. We increase the number of shares held during the continuous amplification stage of the volume, and can easily obtain the same investment report.