As you can see, in addition to the major currencies involving the US dollar, cross currency pairs provide you with more trading opportunities.

⊙ Cross currency pairs enrich traders’ trading choices, which means that their trading opportunities are greatly increased;

⊙ We usually see that the trend of cross currency pairs is more obvious than the straight market;

⊙ You can use the spread advantage to trade cross currency pairs;

⊙ If your broker platform does not provide the currency pairs you want to trade, don’t worry, you already know how to create synthetic currency pairs and use this method to indirectly trade a cross currency pair;

⊙ The most common cross currency pairs are EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF;

⊙ British Pound/Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen and New Zealand Dollar/Japanese Yen are attractive arbitrage trading currency pairs, because the interest rates offered by the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are all higher than Japan;

⊙ When trading is very common with cross currency pairs, you need to be alert to the sharp fluctuations of these currency pairs and the higher spreads required for trading;

⊙ Even if you only want to trade straight, you can use cross currency pairs to help you make straight trading strategies, because cross currency pairs can show the relative strength of different currencies;

⊙ Don’t forget, the trend of the cross currency pair will also affect the straight trend of the US dollar;

⊙ Final suggestion, please keep in mind that some cross currency pairs have higher or lower pip values ​​than the main currency pairs. This information will help you better conduct risk analysis;

⊙ Therefore, if one day you find it difficult to find a good trading opportunity in the straight market, or if you want to avoid the greater volatility caused by the US news to the market, you can choose to trade cross currency pairs.