Speculation in foreign exchange is like using soldiers. You don’t know how to fight against the battlefield. How can you plan a strategy and win a thousand miles? However, it is only one side of the problem that you are only familiar with military books. Zhao Kuo of the Warring States Period and Ma Di of the Three Kingdoms are typical representatives. What is the other side of the problem? That is practical experience. There is no easy way to improve this aspect, that is, practice and then practice. This article is only about the art of war. If you ask me if there are any tricks in the foreign exchange market, then I say that the best trick is to stick to the trading hours of 4 hours a day, and then review the market for two hours every night. It is best not to go out on Sundays. , Spend another 8 hours to summarize the situation throughout the week. If you can really do it wholeheartedly, “the belts are getting wider and you will not regret it”, you will get the second trick in three years, and the third trick in five years, eight years After that, you can do the fourth trick… Hehe, the whole set of magic numbers, kidding? God knows!  

The six psychological levels of becoming a master of foreign exchange speculation, and the six tricks of top masters of foreign exchange speculation-Yuhui International

First: Perseverance

When you are faced with a complex object and seem dazzled, the best way to respond to changes is the best way, because you can’t change it because of your superficial understanding and lack of experience. But the so-called perseverance does not mean that you just make a choice, but you use other experiences in your life to form a philosophical level of understanding to carefully consider the macro, try to go beyond the currency market itself, and then take you carefully Persist in the conclusion of thinking.

For example, the bicycle law outside the door of the number exchange is a seemingly silly method, but whether you can stick to it is the real test for you, and judgment is of secondary importance. In the face of the colorful world, you will never be tempted to guard your thatched hut. What kind of practice is this? Is it a simple question? This is the practice of your concentration, patience, perseverance, and confidence. Only after this level can you see the new world.

In fact, no one can do it perfectly, no matter how you do it, as long as you finally realize the truth. The specific sign of success is that you stick to this method and earn more than most people.

Second: See the wind

After the first step, you naturally begin to feel the turmoil in the foreign exchange market. You feel hot when you are in the sun and cold when you are in the shadow. When the flow is downstream, it is a thousand miles away, and when the flow is upstream, it is unpleasant, and if you are not careful, you will turn your back.

More importantly, it is obvious that the past methods are not very efficient. If you can see the wind and use the rudder, it is definitely a better strategy. But after practicing for a while, you will find the problem. The key is that it is difficult for you to judge where the wind is blowing and how strong the wind is. There is no good way to do this. Many people return to the previous method, or sometimes the previous one, sometimes the next one, and the profits are not as good as before.

At this time, the key is to learn the classic theories of the foreign exchange market, learn from the previous, learn from the people around, learn in practice, and constantly understand, as long as the time is up, you will make progress. The obvious feeling is that you suddenly have the ability to understand the market one day, just take foreign exchange, you can say 123, of course the accuracy is average, but it will continue to improve in the future. This shows that you have initially established your own systematic analysis of foreign exchange, which is the basis for you to truly be able to see the wind.

The so-called rudder to see the wind does not only mean short-term operations, but that you have the ability to take advantage of the trend, and you don’t have to wait like in the past to conduct mobile operations. The specific sign of success is: You stick to this method and earn money.

Third: Waiting for the Rabbit

Following the ebb and flow of the foreign exchange market several times, there are countless hot spots, success and failure, big wins and big losses, and the year-end accounts are not ideal. The most terrible thing is to devote a lot of energy, the heart rate is always too fast, but more and more feel the impermanence of the currency market.

It’s not a way to consume it like this, and long-term observation will reveal the mystery. Where the trees are shady, the water and grass are fertile, and there are often hares at sunset. Those who first discovered the Tao, leisurely hide under the tree, sipping tea and chatting, but reaped a lot. So you copy the old technique again, as if you have returned to the first trick, and you start to wait patiently.

But this is not a simple return, the mind is the same, but the technique is quite different. Although you are not waiting blindly, first you have studied the rabbit’s habits, hobbies, that place, and the choice of that tree is the cohesion of your skills over the years. There may be more mistakes at the beginning, and the success rate will increase after constant experience. This is because friends around have started calling you a dark horse expert.

At this time, you will realize that rabbits are in groups when the tide rises, and there are a lot of them when the tide is calm, and even when the tide is low, they are unwilling to be lonely. You will also experience different laws in different periods. Gradually, you will feel like a good pilot, with the ability to stand all-weather.

When all goes well, you will spontaneously: “Today’s cherry blossoms are in hand, when will the blue dragon be restrained.” With emotion.

Fourth: See the blood seal the throat

A hunter is bitten by a wolf, and can even lose his life in severe cases, which obviously will seriously affect self-confidence. At this time, you may feel as confused as Xianglin’s wife. “I only know that wolves will eat people in spring, but I didn’t expect to eat them in autumn.

Gradually, you don’t dare to wait for the rabbits in such a leisurely manner, because you find that there are many rabbits and wolves.

A wolf pretending to be a rabbit can even be described as a wolf as long as it can be a rabbit. By this time, you have seen two aspects of currency market analysis.

It is obviously unscientific to pursue the winning side too much. At this time, you seem to return to the second trick. And after a long period of training, at this time your disk feel and foreign exchange skills are no longer what they used to be. To put it in a parable, now you can see clearly the vellus hair on the legs of flying flies. Judging from the past feeling, this is incredible.

Now you also find that the biggest advantage of retail investors is easy access. Therefore, you use the second trick as your light gong to keep yourself in a mobile state. If you can win, it is called star-attracting Dafa, and slowly grow your strength. But the most important thing is to stay mobile, otherwise you would rather rest.

Use the third trick to conduct a decisive battle. After finding the target, plan carefully, follow it patiently, and seal your throat at the most advantageous time. We must dare to concentrate our forces, fight fiercely, fast, and never love war. Always pay attention to changes in the situation, and when you are unsure, retreat quickly and never hesitate (stop loss). In fact, the only iron method is like this, but maybe only he himself can. He only told everyone how he bent the bow to shoot the big eagle, but do you have his strength? I’m afraid you even have that bow. Can’t pull it up. Do you have his eyesight? Can you see the vellus hair on the flies’ legs? Do you have his concentration? Can calm down at that moment. Do you have his light work? He has Lingbo’s microsteps when he finds changes.

Therefore, the biggest difference between this move and the previous one is that the most emphasis is on how to be unbeaten, while the previous one is to study how to win. With current skill, if we can reduce failure, can we still win?

Mark of success: Since then, I no longer want to judge the exchange, and know that every battle is extremely difficult, and the key to victory or defeat lies in the subtleties. If someone asks you how tomorrow will be? You will seriously say: “Tomorrow the foreign exchange market will definitely fluctuate!”

Fifth: Earth-shattering

After completing the fourth trick, although you are cautious in every battle, your actual success rate is indeed very high.

The foreign exchange market is like a friend or lover you know very well, you can feel its breathing, its heartbeat. Everyday, it will whisper to you. This is a kind of soul communication, so that you can’t explain it to others in clear language. If you try your best, people will think you are mentally ill. Actually everyone’s opinion That’s right, the currency market is inherently mentally ill.

You can find the biggest gains every day, and you can buy the rising ones when 95% of the foreign exchange is down (of course not absolute). Therefore, people who are familiar with you think you are amazing. Every time you operate, they have a kind of earth-shattering feeling, but for you, there is nothing, you are very calm, you just think you should do this, even during operation , You didn’t think about anything, you just did it at a thought, but you often win.

At this time, you will have the opportunity to manipulate large funds. For example, if you are a banker, you have relatively little control, but you have better control of the board. When you pull up, you also use less funds, but the height is very high. After the goods are sold out, the exchange rate will increase for a while , The people in the industry seem incredible, they all sigh that you have earth-shaking ability. Only you know that you are just a dust, so how can you do?

The sign of successful training, the operation can achieve the unity of nature and man, do whatever one wants, but the success rate is higher than that of many masters.

Sixth: I am a fairy

After the fifth trick, money is no longer a problem for you, and it doesn’t matter whether you make money by speculating in foreign exchange. In fact, starting from the fourth paragraph, the currency market is no longer the same in your eyes.

You see it as the life of a person, the history of mankind, the rise and fall of the economy, and the rise and fall of everything. At this time, you not only know what will happen to the foreign exchange market, but you also know how life will be and how society will be. You feel like a half immortal to everything in the world, and you can see your future.

Therefore, you will be more sensitive to flowers blooming, clouds flying and misting, and you will sigh even more about the coldness of the world and the hard work of the world. You will feel that only nature is the most perfect and harmonious. Only in the mountains and rivers can you appreciate the meaning of life and get peace of mind.

So you also learn from Jiang Ziya, fishing by hooking in the clear stream. You are not waiting for King Zhou, but for the mountains and rivers to make a living. People must have food to survive and to better appreciate the beauty of life.

The editor of Forex Trading Financial Investment Training reminds speculators to never deviate from the trend. When you decide the market trend, follow it, ignoring your thoughts, hopes or fears, and you will not succeed. Follow the guidelines to determine trends, and do not trade with speculation and hope.