How many short-term foreign exchange strategies are there? How do short-term foreign exchange transactions?
The author learned from the first area of ​​finance that profits must rely on three points: technical analysis, short-term foreign exchange strategies, and trading strategies.

There are many articles on technical analysis and trading strategies, but few articles on short-term foreign exchange strategies. Next, this article introduces several short-term foreign exchange trading strategies to expand your trading ideas.

1. We should have keen market insight and enough time to observe the market.

2. We can find short-term hot spots in the market in time. The purpose of our short-term business is to select assets that the market is paying attention to, and most people are still unwilling to intervene.

3. When selecting assets in hotspots, for capital safety, we must participate in the trading assets with the strongest trend, not in the assets that constitute or follow the trend.

4.From a technical point of view, short-term candidate assets must be above 5 antennas and have a particular slope before they can be considered. The purchase time is when the five antennas stabilize after the high transaction volume of the Changyang midline. However, in some cases, assets that have continued to rise on a large scale, especially those that have been increased on a large scale at a low level, can enter the market only after the trading volume of the next day has raised several or even tens of times. And, when you maintain the lowest position of your assets, the bulldozer trend has just begun, and you can boldly step in to make t + 0.

5. the essential thing for short-term operation is to set a stopping point. Remember, short-term operations are guesswork. Once the guess fails, you should have the courage to stop falling. This is the iron law.

6.To become an ultra-short-term participant, setting goals is more important. In principle, when you win 3 or 5 points, you will get 3 or 5% profit and exit the game. If the red candlestick turns into the golden infinite extension in your eyes, then this is the time when you need to get out the most.

In summary, several short-term foreign exchange strategies are introduced today. Is there anything suitable for you?