When we first entered the foreign exchange market, most of the time we were actually very confused, especially when we were not sure about the short-term trend. To train yourself as a short-term master, you must spend a lot of hard work on the demo account, and you must make crazy orders. Continuously practice your short-term ability and the ability to watch the game, which is the sense of the game.

What is short-term foreign exchange?

In short, short-term foreign exchange transactions represent traders who predict currencies for short-term ups and downs to buy and sell and profit from them. Generally speaking, short-term foreign exchange transactions represent short-term investment, but in the past ten years it has gradually become an additional investment tool.

  1. Short-term foreign exchange method-newborn calf. If you want to survive in the foreign exchange market, what you should do at first is to understand the K-line. The K-line is not as complicated as imagined. You may not be able to start at the beginning, but don’t worry, all major platforms have K-line instructional videos. Take a good note, and extract the important content for inquiries. When you know the k-line in your chest, it means you have a first glimpse of the door.
  2. Short-term foreign exchange method-technical indicators. After knowing how to use candlestick charts, you can learn more about technical indicators such as moving averages, Bollinger, golden ratio, etc. Of course, they are just to help you get started. It should be noted that everyone’s trading methods are different, and the indicators used are also different. What investors have to do is to “purchase” to find something that suits them. If conditions permit, it is best to go through all the indicators. A shortcut requires a certain amount of time to accumulate and learn.
  3. The fundamentals. The so-called fundamentals are important news that affect the price trends of foreign exchange, gold, and oil, as well as the policies of various countries. After understanding these news, you will have a certain idea of ​​the price trend in the market outlook and understand whether the price is going to rise or fall. Analysis, or analysis of the news you see, will help you make a good transaction.
  4. Push plate. Pushing the market is a very boring job, but some investors enjoy it, because pushing the market can bring a very good overall view. Zhou Tu took out the market, it is a good medicine for oneself to grasp the market outlook. Pushing is also an important part of the novice to find the sense of the game, and sometimes a good sense of the game will bring you unexpected gains.
  5. Wait for ultra-short-term opportunities to appear

If you feel that you need to conduct ultra-short-term trading, then you are definitely forcing yourself. The best trades will come by themselves. They look very obvious, and the charts seem to urge you not to miss such good opportunities. Ultra-short-term traders do not need to trade all the time, you have to learn to wait.

  1. Focus on only one or two currency pairs

Each group of currency pairs has a unique volatility law. To find this law, traders need to spend a lot of time to observe its volatility under different circumstances. The same is true for foreign exchange ultra-short-term. If you trade many currency pairs at the same time, it is easy for traders to forget what market conditions were before.

  1. Stick to a strategy

One of the things that makes successful traders different from others is that they only stick to one trading strategy. Find a short-term strategy that makes you feel comfortable, and stick to it.

  1. Keep a relaxed attitude in ultra-short-term transactions

The attractive part of ultra-short trading is the possibility of making big profits in a short time. From a technical perspective, only extremely large positions can produce such results, and the problem with extremely short-term trading is that few people can control it.

The short-term foreign exchange holding time is short, and the characteristics of fast forward and fast exit make it have unlimited development potential in the global market; the simplification of the transaction process also makes investors start to switch from traditional foreign exchange trading to option foreign exchange trading. Investors should always pay attention to psychological pressure and avoid making investment choices that exceed their personal tolerance. Only by making sensible and accurate predictions can we grasp trading opportunities.

Secrets of foreign exchange short-term trading

According to the characteristics of short-term fluctuations in the market, the moving average can be captured by pressing the moving average and swing indicators of the short-period K-line. Specifically, set the moving average parameters to 60, 120, and 250, and select the slow KD for the swing indicator (parameters: 34, 5).

For short-term opportunities, the basic trend direction is the 5-minute chart moving average system. For safety, the 15-minute chart indicator high or low crossover is used as a larger constraint.

The secret of short-term foreign exchange trading: specific entry and exit, the 5-minute chart moving average upward breakthrough three moving averages or downward breakthrough three moving averages as the point selection. The signal rules are basically the same as those of medium and long-term trading, that is, if the 15-minute indicator crosses at a high position and the 5-minute chart breaks down at the same time, you can sell. On the contrary, the 15-minute national indicator is at a low golden cross, and the 5-minute chart breaks upward. Buy signal. The moving average of the 5-minute chart is a support or pressure reference.

The timing of short-term trading is very regular. There are four time points to pay attention to when the market breaks or turns in the day. They are about 9:40 to 45, after 10:30, opening in the afternoon, and finally 2:10 in the afternoon. At 30 minutes, these four time periods are the key time periods for placing orders. If the price turns in these four time periods, the reliability of short-term trading is high, otherwise the reliability is poor. For more short-term foreign exchange knowledge, I suggest you learn Quanke’s theory of relativity, which is very helpful for trading skills!

Foreign exchange short-term operation skills

Keep calm emotions: Impetuousness or distracting thoughts can easily lead to wrong decisions. Foreign exchange short-term operation skills: the correct mental state: before entering the market, you should understand that actions can bring profits and losses, all because your own estimates and judgments may be wrong. Foreign exchange short-term operation skills: quiet working environment: most people are easier to make calm and precise decisions in a quiet environment, but it is difficult to make detailed research and analysis in a noisy environment. Strictly observe discipline: fighting in the short-term foreign exchange market is just like the situation in the military on the battlefield, and special attention must be paid to discipline.