With the continuous enhancement of investor trading strategies and trading skills, some platform companies have introduced some measures to impose restrictions on investment transactions, and some of these restrictions are reasonable, but some restrictions are not close to favor.

Restrictions on pending orders. When opening an account, you should ask whether there are restrictions on pending orders, mainly for non-agricultural and data quotations. For example, some non-slippage platforms and market maker platforms do not allow non-agricultural pending orders. If you place an order, Violation of the platform rules will result in a warning, the profitable part will be withdrawn, no pending orders will be allowed after being added to the watch list, and the account will be directly suspended. For platforms with strict restrictions on pending orders, it is not recommended to choose, because too many restrictions indicate that the platform does not want you to make a profit.

Position restrictions mainly refer to the holding time. For example, Hong Kong platforms and black platforms generally say that holding positions cannot be less than 2 minutes, otherwise it is considered an illegal transaction. This is when you are driving a knife on your head and you want to withdraw money. He will jump out and say that you have violated the rules. Such a platform requires everyone to be cautious. A formal platform will not restrict scalping and ultra-short-term transactions.

Leverage adjustment. Many platforms will have a leverage adjustment policy. For example, the upper limit of Exness weekend leverage is 100 times, Tiehui Non-Agricultural and the current weekend adjusted to foreign exchange 100 times, precious metals 25 times, and Dukas weekend leverage is up to 30 times. Heiniuhui’s weekend margin level 200% forced liquidation, etc., are actually just ways to prevent risks. Major exchanges will increase the margin ratio when the long holiday is coming. This is actually the reason. I suggest you pay more attention.