For many foreign exchange novices, there must be many problems. To help you better operate a foreign exchange, I have compiled six questions about basic knowledge of foreign exchange and gave detailed answers.

One. How to build your trading system

Don't talk too much about complexity, just a few points. First of all, the system can be divided into risk control, capital management, code of conduct, etc. Secondly, we can establish short-term, medium-term, and long-term trading systems; thirdly, we need to improve our system every day, which usually takes 3-5 years to form, so we need patience and personal understanding.

First of all, whether it is a trend or a plan, it is necessary to distinguish between the theme and the present. Range refers to the price fluctuation of the market in a certain period, which can be divided into different sizes, usually after a one-sided or band-shaped call (detailed information can be used in combination with candlesticks or candlestick charts). When making a trading plan, it is necessary to know the main direction and the second direction. It must not be reversed. Otherwise, the risk will be greater and the profit plan reduced. In this interval, as long as you trade back and forth in this interval, the formulation of the project is relatively simple, but you must pay attention to the end of the break and when to restart.

In short, some things about trends. First, rank the periods; second, there are highs and lows in the early charts for reference; third, there are significant periods for reference analysis, such as daily lines, weekly lines, monthly lines, etc.; fourth, ample Periodic trend line support or auxiliary transaction prices can refer to transactions. Fifth, the change in market risk sentiment has been resolved. Sixth, we need to grasp the trend of capital flow. Overall, judging trends is not easy. It requires comprehensive judgment and analysis, which is also the basis of movements.

Four. General technical indicators

First of all, whether technical indicators or fundamental indicators, they are only part of the application of technology and more of a mentality. Too many indicators. Commonly used indicators in candlestick charts include Ma, KDJ, RSI, MACD, cotton boll, FB, and others. Then, it is necessary to summarize more indicators to master its application.

Five. What is the warehouse increase?

As the name suggests, increasing a position raises a particular place on the original basis to gain more profit margins. As for when to improve the work, it is usually only in any suitable location. Usually, enhance the work during the swing operation, and short-term singles do not exist.

Six. How to reasonably establish, close, and reduce positions

Regarding questions from netizens, the editor believes that the premise is unreasonable. First of all, you must ask yourself whether you have a reasonable transaction plan. If not, it is empty talk. If anything, he must fight a ready battle. At least, he has a greater chance of winning and controlling risks. If there is no plan, then trading at will, and the result is usually unsatisfactory.