As more and more people come into contact with foreign exchange, many friends are eager for foreign exchange knowledge, but they don’t know how to learn foreign exchange. The current knowledge on the Internet is too messy and fragmented, and it is difficult to find relevant learning materials and opportunities to participate in learning offline.

Today we are here to help you solve the problem of “what books do you need to read when you are in the foreign exchange industry”! I recommend all the books you need to read for foreign exchange trading from entry to proficiency!

Elementary stage-introduction to foreign exchange
Must-see theoretical books for foreign exchange speculation

“Foreign exchange trading from entry to master”
Recommended books for introductory foreign exchange: from beginner to proficient in foreign exchange trading
Book introduction: A basic book on foreign exchange speculation, it is worth recommending! “Foreign exchange trading from entry to proficiency” is suitable for beginners in foreign exchange trading and foreign exchange investors who want to better control risks. Whether you are in urgent need of complete foreign exchange trading knowledge or want to optimize your foreign exchange investment portfolio, “Forex Trading From Entry to Proficiency” is very suitable for you. The two authors of “Forex Trading From Entry to Proficiency” are both senior foreign exchange market researchers. Through their own practice and profit and loss experience, they introduced readers to 12 problems that need to be solved when entering the foreign exchange market, the basic characteristics of currencies in various countries and regions, and a complete set of foreign exchange investment portfolios and trading strategies. The content of the book is basic, short, and practical, readers There is no need to study the complex foreign exchange policies of various countries, and there is no need to cross-use difficult technical indicators and investment tools.Just study the author’s investment strategy thoroughly to get a share of the foreign exchange market.

“Introduction and Skills of Foreign Exchange Investment”
Recommended books for foreign exchange introduction, introduction and skills of foreign exchange investment
Book introduction: The book “Introduction and Skills of Foreign Exchange Investment” focuses on introducing relevant foreign exchange introductory knowledge and related analytical skills. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand foreign exchange investment. With the diversification of people’s financial management methods has become the mainstream trend, people There is also more and more social attention to foreign exchange investment. There is no doubt that foreign exchange investment is a very meaningful investment method, and it will eventually become the mainstream investment method in the future.

“Japanese candle chart technique”
Introduction to Forex Traders: Japanese Candle Chart Techniques
Book introduction: A very famous must-read foreign exchange book, “Japanese Candle Chart Techniques” This book is an exciting and valuable enrichment of written information on technical analysis. It introduces this ancient oriental technique to American traders in detailed, fluent, incisive and easy-to-understand language for the first time in history. Compared with the existing technical analysis system, “candle chart” not only has a high degree of “added value”, but also introduces a new perspective… In essence, this ensures that candle chart technology will be widely and heartily welcomed.
Japanese candlestick chart technology mainly talks about candlestick technical analysis theory, because candlestick chart is now the main form of technical analysis. If you can read the candlestick chart, you can grasp the price trend and movement trend to a certain extent. For this book, it is recommended to read it through at the beginning. After reading through it a few times and familiar with the content, you can mainly study the candle patterns and the relationship between candle patterns and some other important indicators, and use them in combination.

“Forex Trading Actual Charts and Trading Psychology”
Recommended books for getting started with foreign exchange: actual charts and trading psychology of foreign exchange trading
Book introduction: When investing in foreign exchange, the timing and price of entry points are very important. When the method is used correctly, one-time profit can be used to offset several small losses and stand among the winners. Although the books are a bit old, they are very practical. They are popular books for foreign exchange speculation in 2017! So recommend it to everyone!

“400 dollars I doubled ten thousand times”
Book introduction: An absolutely popular foreign exchange book, you can read it, it is very helpful to broaden your horizons.

Intermediate stage—Enhancement of foreign exchange trading capabilities

“Dow Theory”
Dow Theory
This is a book about financial market analysis. Trend, short-term, medium- and long-term, short, long, these words are put forward here, the absolute classic in the trading world. 5 star recommendation!
In the arena and the “Dow Theory”, there is “Gan En Theory”, which is also a rare book. The two books can complement each other. Gann’s theory elaborates the appearance, while Dow touches the essence.

“Game Theory”
Game theory is a discipline that studies theories and methods of struggle or competition in human society. It is not only a new branch of modern mathematics, but also an important discipline of operations research.
Recommended books for introductory foreign exchange: game theory
A very interesting subject, not only trading, but also applied in all aspects of life and work. It can be used to exercise your thinking ability. The foreign exchange market itself is also a game market. There are many stories, and the more you look at it, the more you can imagine. force. 4 star recommendation!

Advanced stage-superb

Book list: “Mankiw Principles of Economics”, “Ghost’s Gift”, “Memoirs of a Stock Master”

“Mankiw Principles of Economics”
Recommended books for foreign exchange introduction: Principles of Mankiw Economics
The main feature of this book is its simplicity. Mankiw wrote this book based on the principle: “The most important thing in writing is to be simple and clear, not to cover everything. The reader’s time is a scarce resource.” This also reflects the “economy” of economics itself. word.
The second feature is fun. Mankiw introduces economics through familiar examples, story experiences, policy analysis, and news excerpts in daily life. This allows readers to easily understand the basic theories and methods of economics in interesting reading. The fun of economics is the goal pursued by many economists, and Mankiw is the winner, which is why the influence of this book extends far beyond the academic world.

“Ghost’s Gift”
The name is very confusing! The protagonist of the story is still a mystery! It is an interview-type book. The content is developed in the form of the author interviewing a famous floor trader.
Recommended books for introductory foreign exchange: ghost gifts
The prototype of the ghost has not been found yet, but it does exist. However, its trading philosophy is very similar to that of Wall Street trader Paul Tudor Jones, but the age is different. It is likely to be affected by it! The focus of this book is to understand the most important trading understanding of the ghost.

Ultimate stage-superb
Book list: “Financial Alchemy”, “The Godfather of Wall Street”

“Financial Alchemy”
Recommended books for foreign exchange introduction: financial alchemy
The author is a financial crocodile Soros, and the content is Soros’ investment philosophy and theoretical framework. This book is not about investment, but about investment philosophy. It is more abstract and requires imagination. To understand this book, you can also understand Soros. The only way to understand may be: Enlightenment! Those with high savvy can try!

The Godfather of Wall Street
Recommended books for foreign exchange introduction: The Godfather of Wall Street
The author Benjamin Graham is a legend on Wall Street and is known as the “father of modern securities.” This book is a memoir written in his later years. It is highly readable and enlightening. Although there is not much space for investment, But it can make you understand the difference between investment and speculation, and look at it when you doubt your life!

The most important stage-actual combat, practical operation is very important

After reading these books, do you really master the ability of transaction analysis? still can not! Reading is only used as a reserve of knowledge.

After learning theoretical knowledge, the most important thing is practical operation. The most direct and effective way is to make a firm offer, establish a clear and preliminary understanding of trading, and recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your trading capabilities.

Fortunately, most foreign exchange trading platforms provide beginners with simulated funds accounts. Unfortunately, few people are willing or able to make good use of this opportunity to conduct the most important practical learning. Just imagine if you can’t make money steadily in simulated trading without psychological pressure, how can you make money in real money trading with great psychological pressure?

Of course, the simulated account does not allow you to operate as you want. You must follow your own trading plan, follow the fund management plan, and follow the requirements of risk control to conduct regular and disciplined trading and training, so that you can get results. Reasonable and effective. Otherwise, even if you make money with a simulated account, it will not explain any problems. This is one of the reasons why most people say that a simulated account can make money and a real account cannot make money. The above content hopes to be a little helpful to everyone in foreign exchange trading operations.