Real foreign exchange transactions and foreign exchange markets
     If you have traveled abroad, you must find the currency exchange kiosks at the various bank signs of the airport when you first arrive at the airport of a country, and then queue up to exchange the currency of the country.
Before you arrive at the counter in the future, you will see a variety of fluctuating foreign currency exchange rates on the screen. You will find that one dollar is worth 120 yen. Maybe you think I have 5000 dollars at this time, I will Become a wealthy class in Japan (of course this exciting mood will soon disappear, because you find that buying a bottle of mineral water in a random store costs a few hundred yen)
When you use one currency for another currency, at this time you have basically participated in the foreign exchange market transactions! For example, if you are an American visiting China, you have already participated in foreign exchange transactions during the process of selling US dollars for RMB.
When you are ready to return to your country, you stop at the currency exchange booth and want to exchange the unused yen back. At this time, you may find that the exchange rate has changed. Maybe 110 yen can be exchanged for 1 US dollar now. The changes are some changes that enable you to make money in foreign exchange market transactions.

 Real foreign exchange transactions and foreign exchange markets
The foreign exchange market is often referred to as the “foreign exchange market”, or simply “FX”, which is the world’s largest financial trading market. Compared with the New York Stock Market, which has a daily turnover of only 84 billion U.S. dollars, the foreign exchange market has an absolute advantage with a daily transaction volume of 5 trillion U.S. dollars. Our foreign exchange market is very powerful!

(According to the BIS’s triennial report published in 2014, the daily trading volume in the foreign exchange market is US $ 5.4 trillion)
Do n’t be too happy. The $ 5 trillion scale is the entire global foreign exchange market. However, the size of retail traders (ie, foreign exchange retail investors) on the spot foreign exchange market is about 1.49 trillion dollars. Therefore, you see, the foreign exchange market is indeed very huge, but it is not as big as the media expects you to imagine.