The top shape of the tower is a top reversal pattern. The market was originally in an upward trend. At a certain moment, a strong white candle line (or a series of high white candle lines appeared) appeared. Later, the market first slowed down the pace of the rise, and then the candlestick high began to decline. Finally, one or several long black candle lines appeared on the market, so the top shape of the tower was completed (as shown in Figure 6.58). In this form, the long candles on both sides are shaped like tall towers-therefore, it gets such a name.
K-line reversal pattern — top shape and bottom shape-Yuhui International

 The bottom shape of the tower takes place at a low price level, and the market experienced a short period of calm after forming one or several long black candle lines. Then, one or several long white candle lines appeared. In this way, a tower-shaped bottom shape is formed, and the shapes on both sides are like a tall tower (as shown in Figure 6.59). This means that the market first goes down with a long candle line, and then goes up with a long candle line.