The continuity of the trading strategy is more important than the consistency. Random adjustment of a trading strategy will bring trading turbulence. If you do not adjust the system, you can make them consistent during the order execution process without quickly changing the rules. If adjustment is required, an adjustment time window needs to be set.
The transaction is the process from the boulevard to Jane. In this process, the consistency and continuity of transactions are of vital importance.

A practical problem that traders must face is acknowledging the weakness of human nature and being willing to give up. We need to be confident in our trading skills and abilities, but we need to know that most of the uncertainty does not come from the market but our state and emotions. Therefore, we should understand our strengths and weaknesses. Impulsive personality is not fatal, but sudden emotion is the most taboo thing in trading. Anger will cause people to lose their normal rationality and judgment, and frustration will cause people to lose inspiration and vitality.

Direct traders are usually more suitable for short-term trading. They are tactile and respond to short-term changes. If we conduct trends and long-term trade, we will not be able to play the advantages of creativity fully.

The secret of success in short-term trading lies in short positions, short positions, and high efficiency. Therefore, a trading strategy based on fund management is the first choice or supplemented by small short-term swings. This is a trading strategy and direction that an honest person can consider. Their focus should be more on the details of position management, intraday withdrawals, when to increase and decrease positions, and take profit rules.

Another type of personality trader, gentle and gentle, not irritable or impatient, has good fixed strength and has inherent emotional stability. In this way, such traders are not suitable for day trading or short-term trading. They are more ideal for trend trading and mid-to-long-term trading. In the research direction, people with moderate personalities should focus on trading technical analysis and stop loss. It depends on the characteristics of trend trading. Do not open a position lightly, be alone, do not trade when the opportunity does not come. Once the opportunity comes, it will enter and maintain the order holding state with the appropriate position to follow the trend and make a profit.

Looking back at the experience and lessons of many failed investors in the past few years, the main problem is the continuity of non-compliance with trading strategies. Many people have their feasible approach after a long period of trading.

According to the established strategy, this operation is usually operational and controllable. We could not successfully conclude the transaction, mainly because we did not follow the regular rhythm and lost control. Both existing investors and future novices should keep in mind the consistency of trading strategies. According to the scientific method, the system can only be adjusted according to the preset correction scheme within a certain period. It is like making and amending the law rather than changing the direction as needed.

It must go through many procedures and procedures and submit the revised plan within a specific legislative time window. On this basis, the revision of trading strategies should also continue strict legislative thinking.