Non agricultural data is a professional term in the field of investment. What is non-agricultural data and what is the role of non-agricultural data? Let's learn about it in this article.

Non agricultural data refers to the number of non-agricultural employment, employment rate and unemployment rate. Divided into pre value, expected value and published value, they are the data indicators reflecting the employment status of non-agricultural population in the United States.

The three data are released at 20:30 Beijing time (summer time: April October) on the first Friday of each month, and 21:30 Beijing time (winter time: November March). The data is from the Bureau of labor statistics of the U.S. Department of labor.

Non agricultural data can greatly affect the value of the dollar in the money market. A vibrant employment report can drive up interest rates, making the dollar more attractive to foreign investors. The non-agricultural data objectively reflects the rise and fall of American economy. The U.S. economy is good, the U.S. dollar is up, and gold is down. The U.S. economy is not good, the dollar fell, gold rose.. Gold is a safe haven.. Gold and the dollar tend to move in the opposite direction.

In the recent exchange rate, the US dollar is very sensitive to the data, higher than the previous value, good for the US dollar, lower than expected, bad for the US dollar.

First, the data was released in a timely manner. This data is the first important economic data released every month, and it will be released by the Department of labor one week after the survey, so that the market can keep abreast of the latest employment situation in the United States.

Second, this data points out the employment situation of the United States in detail, and the published information is very useful for forecasting the economic situation of the whole country. Therefore, when the market gets these data, it can have a rough forecast of GDP.

Third, this data is about the income of the average American family. Obviously, when people's employment situation improves and their income increases, it will drive all aspects of consumption. About 70% of the economic growth in the United States can be said to be dominated by internal consumption. Therefore, knowing the employment data, we can predict the overall consumption situation in the United States.

Another reason why the market pays so much attention to this employment data is that analysts and economists in the market feel embarrassed about the past performance predicted by this data. There are often big differences between the actual figures and market expectations. Therefore, the whole market will pay attention to the actual figures in order to adjust its own prediction of the economic situation.

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