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Name: New Zealand Monetary Authority

Abbreviation: New Zealand FMA


Agency presentation
New Zealand FMA

The New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is a government agency responsible for enforcing securities laws, financial reporting laws and corporate laws that apply to financial services and securities markets. FMA also supervises stock exchanges, financial advisors, brokers, auditors, trustees and issuers (including KiwiSaver issuers and pension plans). FMA and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) jointly supervise New Zealand’s designated settlement system. FMA is a member of the New Zealand Financial Regulatory Commission.

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Supervised company
KVB Kunlun International

Regulatory characteristics
New Zealand is extremely strict with financial services, and each company has listed the industries (products) that can be operated. Therefore, we believe that companies that have obtained the New Zealand FMA qualification are recognized by the society.

Introduction to Regulators
The New Zealand Financial Market Authority (FMA) was established in 2011, replacing the original Securities Commission and taking over part of the functions of the New Zealand Government’s Department of Economic Development. It is one of the two main regulatory agencies in New Zealand’s financial market regulatory system.

Regulatory responsibilities
The New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA) implements supervision of the securities industry, financial reporting and corporate laws, as well as supervision of financial services and the securities market. In addition, FMA also supervises securities transactions, financial advisors and brokers, trustees and issuers, including KiwiSaver and pension plan issuers.

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How to regulate
Monitor the financial market, monitor and supervise market participants, and issue corresponding licenses to them