Currency abbreviation-a three-letter currency code, according to the ISO 4217 standard: the first two letters of the logo define the country, and the third letter defines the currency name.

The name of the currency-a three-letter acronym. The first two letters basically indicate the name of the country, and the last letter is the first letter of the country’s currency name.

Symbol or currency symbol-Graphical symbol. Used for a brief description of the currency unit

Numeric currency code-a three-digit numeric code. Used for countries that do not use Latin letters. This is usually the same as the country’s numeric code.

Abbreviated (letter) currency code-defines the name of the currency, consisting of three letters. The first two letters represent the two-letter country code defined in ISO 3166, followed by the first letter of the currency name.

ISO 4217 Standard-Three-letter and three-digit currency numeric code.

List of currency symbols
Currency code Digital code Currency name Country/Region/Organization
CNY 156-Chinese Yuan
USD 840-United States Dollar
EUR 978 Euro-Euro European Union
GBP 826-British Pound United Kingdom
AUD 036 Australian Dollar-Australia Dollar Australia
CAD 124 Canadian Dollar-Canadian Dollar Canada
JPY 392 Japanese Yen-Japanese Yen
HKD 344 Hong Kong Dollar-Hong Kong Dollar
INR 356 Indian Rupee-Indian Rupee India
ZAR 710 South African Rand-South African Rand
TWD 901 New Taiwan Dollar-New Taiwan Dollar Taiwan
MOP 446 Macau Pataca-Macau Pataca Macau
KRW 410-South Korean Won
THB 764 Thai Baht-Thai Baht
NZD 554 New Zealand Dollar-New Zealand Dollar
SGD 702 Singapore Dollar-Singapore Dollar Singapore
AED 784 United Arab Emirates Dirham-United Arab Emirates Dirham
AFN 971 Afghani-Afghan Afghani Afghanistan
ALL 008 Albania Lek-Albania Lek
AMD 051 Armenia Dram-Armenia Dram Armenia
ANG 532 Dutch Guilder-Dutch Guilder Netherlands
AOA 973 Angola Kwanza-Angola Kwanza Angola
ARS 032 Argentine Peso-Argentina Peso Argentina
AWG 533 Aruba Florin-Aruba Florin
AZN 944 Azerbaijan Manat-Azerbaijan Manat Azerbaijan
BAM 977 Bosnia Convertible Mark-Bosnia Convertible Mark
BBD 052 Barbados Dollar-Barbados Dollar
BDT 050 Bangladesh Taka-Bangladesh Taka
BGN 975 Bulgarian Lev-Bulgaria Lev
BHD 048 Bahrain Dinar-Bahrain Dinar Bahrain
BIF 108 Burundi Franc-Burundi Franc Burundi
BMD 060 Bermudian Dollar-Bermudian Dollar Bermuda
BND 096 Brunei Dollar-Brunei Dollar Brunei Dollar
BOB 068 Bolivian Boliviano-Bolivian Boliviano Bolivia
BRL 986 Brazilian Real-Brazilian Real Brazil
BSD 044 Bahamian Dollar-Bahamian Dollar
BTC Bitcoin-BitCoin Satoshi Nakamoto
BTN 064 Bhutanese Ngultrum-Bhutanese Ngultrum Bhutan
BWP 072 Botswana Pula-Botswana Pula Botswana
BYR 974 Belarusian Ruble-Belarusian Ruble
BZD 084 Belize Dollar-Belize Dollar Belize
CDF 976 Congolese Franc-Congolese Franc Congo
CHF 756 Swiss Franc-Swiss Franc Switzerland
CLF 990 Chilean Peso (fund)-Chilean Unidad de Fomento Chile
CLP 152 Chilean Peso-Chilean Peso
CNH China Offshore Renminbi-Chinese Offshore Renminbi China
COP 170 Colombian Peso-Colombia Peso
CRC 188 Costa Rica Colon-Costa Rica Colon
CUP 192 Cuban Peso-Cuban Peso
CVE 132 Cape Verde Escudo-Cape Verde Escudo Cape Verde
CYP 196-Cyprus Pound Cyprus
CZK 203 Czech Koruna-Czech Republic Koruna
DEM 280 German Mark-Deutsche Mark Germany
DJF 262 Djiboutian Franc-Djiboutian Franc
DKK 208 Danish Krone-Danish Krone
DOP 214 Dominican Peso-Dominican Peso Dominican Republic
DZD 012 Algerian Dinar-Algerian Dinar Algeria
ECS 218 Sucre, Ecuador-Ecuadorian Sucre Ecuador
EGP 818 Egyptian Pound-Egyptian Pound
ERN 232 Eritrean Nakfa-Eritrean Nakfa
ETB 230 Ethiopian Birr Ethiopian Birr
FJD 242 Fiji Dollar-Fiji Dollar Fiji
FKP 238 Falkland Islands Pound-Falkland Islands Pound
FRF 250 French Franc-French Franc
GEL 981 Georgian Lari-Georgian Lari
GHS 936 Ghanaian Cedi-Ghanaian Cedi Ghana
GIP 292 Gibraltar Pound-Gibraltar
GMD 270 Gambian Dalasi-Gambian Dalasi Gambia
GNF 324 Guinean Franc-Guinean Franc
GTQ 320 Guatemalan Quetzal-Guatemalan Quetzal Guatemala
GYD 328 Guyanese Dollar-Guyanese Dollar Guyanese
HNL 340 Honduran Lempira-Honduran Lempira Honduras
HRK 191 Croatian Kuna-Croatian Kuna
HTG 332 Haitian Gourde-Haitian Gourde Haiti
HUF 348 Hungarian Forint-Hungarian Forint
IDR 360 Indonesian Rupiah-Indonesian Rupiah Indonesia
IEP 372 Irish Pound-Irish Pound
ILS 376 Israeli New Shekel-Israeli New Shekel
IQD 368 Iraqi Dinar-Iraqi Dinar
IRR 364 Iranian Rial-Iranian Rial
ISK 352 Icelandic Krona-Icelandic Krona
ITL 380 Italian Lira-Italian Lira
JMD 388 Jamaican Dollar-Jamaican Dollar
JOD 400 Jordanian Dinar-Jordanian Dinar
KES 404 Kenyan Shilling-Kenyan Shilling Kenya
KGS 417 Kyrgyzstani Som-Kyrgyzstani Som Kyrgyzstan
KHR 116 Cambodian Riel-Cambodian Riel Cambodia
KMF 174 Comorian franc-Comorian franc
KPW 408 North Korean Won-North Korean Won
KWD 414 Kuwaiti Dinar-Kuwaiti Dinar Kuwait
KYD 136 Cayman Islands Dollar-Cayman Islands Dollar
KZT 398 Kazakstani Tenge-Kazakstani Tenge Kazakhstan
LAK 418 Lao kip-Lao kip Laos
LBP 422 Lebanese Pound-Lebanese Pound Lebanon
LKR 144 Sri Lankan Rupee-Sri Lankan Rupee
LRD 430 Liberian dollar-Liberian dollar Liberian
LSL 426 Lesotho Loti-Lesotho Loti Lesotho
LTL 440 Lithuanian Litas-Lithuanian Litas Lithuania
LVL 428 Latvian Lats-Latvian Lats Latvia
LYD 434 Libyan Dinar-Libyan Dinar
MAD 504 Moroccan Dirham-Moroccan Dirham Morocco
MDL 498 Moldovan Leu-Moldovan Leu
MGA 969 Madagascar Ariary-Malagasy Ariary Madagascar
MKD 807 Macedonian Denar-Macedonian Denar
MMK 104 Myanmar Kyat-Myanmar Kyat
MNT 496 Mongolian Tugrik-Mongolian Tugrik
MRO 478 Mauritania Ouguiya-Mauritania Ouguiya Mauritania
MUR 480 Mauritian Rupee-Mauritian Rupee Mauritius
MVR 462 Maldives Rufiyaa-Maldives Rufiyaa Maldives
MWK 454 Malawian Kwacha-Malawian Kwacha Malawi
MXN 484 Mexican Peso-Mexican Peso
MXV 979 Mexico (funding)-Mexican Unidad De Inversion Mexico
MYR 458 Ringgit-Malaysian Ringgit
MZN 943 New Mozambican Metical-New Mozambican Metical Mozambique
NAD 516 Namibian Dollar-Namibian Dollar Namibia
NGN 566 Nigerian Naira-Nigerian Naira
NIO 558 New Cordoba Nicaragua-Nicaraguan Cordoba Oro Nicaragua
NOK 578 Norwegian Krone-Norwegian Krone
NPR 524 Nepalese Rupee-Nepalese Rupee Nepal
OMR 512