K-line sustained pattern: rising white three soldiers and falling three crows

Bai Sanbing

“Bai Sanbing” is a K-line combination composed of three candle lines. In a downward trend, the pattern sends a strong reversal signal.
This price movement is very bullish and cannot be ignored. The characteristics of the white three soldier form are as follows: 

  1. Three consecutive Changyang lines with higher closing prices every day;
  2. The daily opening price should be within the previous day’s entity;
  3. The daily closing price should be at or near the highest point of the day.

Three crows

“Three crows” is a K-line combination pattern, which refers to a K-line combination in which three consecutive negative lines suddenly appear when the price is running.
The three-day closing price is lower every day, and the daily closing price is basically the lowest on the day.
The three crows consist of three Yin threads:
If it appears at the top and on the way down, and the closing prices of the three trading days are falling, it means that the selling is very heavy and needs to be sold in time.
If the price is at a relatively high level in the middle and late period of the upward trend, it should be sold in time.
The three crows are typical peak-and-fall K-line combinations, and their technical characteristics are:

  1. Three negative lines appear in succession;
  2. The daily closing prices are all falling;
  3. The closing price is close to the daily minimum price;
  4. The daily opening price is within the physical part of the upper K line;
  5. The physical part of the first negative line should be lower than the highest price of the previous day.