(As shown in the figure below, it is the form of two crows jumping up). “Gap up” refers to the price gap between the small black entities shown and the entities before them (that is, the entity before the first small black entity, usually a long white entity). In the form shown in the figure below, the two small black entities are naturally “two crows”. The two small black entities seemed to be two crows perched on high branches, and they stared ominously downward. From the metaphor of this image, it is obvious that this is a bearish price pattern. In the ideal form of two crows leaping upward, the opening price of the second black entity is higher than the opening price of the first black entity, and its closing price is lower than the closing price of the first black entity.
The technical basis for this pattern to be technically bearish is roughly as follows: The market was originally in an upward trend, and the opening price of this day was a gap compared to the previous day’s closing price, but the market could not maintain this new high level. Instead, a black candle line was formed. By this time, Niu Fang could still have at least a few life-saving straws, because this black candle line can still maintain above the previous day’s closing price. The market on the third day added a deeper and weaker color to the market: the market once again hit a new high that day, but also failed to maintain this new high level until the close of the market. And, worse, the closing price on the third day is lower than the closing price on the second day. If the market is really so strong, why can’t it maintain a new high? Why did the market’s closing price drop? At this time, I’m afraid Niu Fang was worrying about these problems in his heart. Thinking about it, the conclusion is often that the market is not as strong as it had hoped. If the market cannot win the commanding heights the next day (that is, the fourth day), then we can imagine that there will be lower prices.

There is also a candlestick pattern that is somewhat entwined with the two crows that jump up, and its shape is similar to the two crows that jump up. However, unlike the two crow patterns that jump upward, these patterns are bullish in the ascending market. Because of this, it has become one of the few sustained patterns of candlesticks). This form is called the bedding form. The bedding pattern occurred in the bull market and is a bullish continuous pattern. In this pattern, the first three candle lines are similar to the two crow patterns that jumped up, but since then, they have followed a black candle line. If the next candle line is white and jumps upward, it exceeds the upper shadow line of the last black candle line above; or the closing price of this white candle line is higher than that of the last black candle line The highest price forms a buy signal. In the form of bedding, there can be 2, 3 or even 4 black candle wires. Relatively speaking, the form of two crows and the foreshadowing form that jump upwards are rare.