In the form of two crows jumping up, two black candle lines are included. If, in a similar pattern, there are three consecutive black candle lines descending in sequence, it constitutes the so-called three crow patterns, if the three crow patterns appear at a high price level, or appear in a fully developed up market In the middle, it indicates that the price is about to fall. Sometimes, the three-crow form is also called the three-winged crow form. There is a saying in Japan: “Good things don’t go out, bad things grow wings”. It is appropriate to describe this “three wings” crow with this sentence. As the name of the form indicates, the three crows refer to these three black candle lines.

The three black candle lines outlined an ominous scene: a group of crows perched on a dead tree. Therefore, the three crow patterns are bearish. From the appearance, the closing prices of these three black candle lines should be at their lowest point, or close to their lowest point; the opening price of each black candle line should also be within the scope of the previous entity. In addition, analysts may also want the entity of the first black candle line in “Three Crows” to be below the highest point of the white candle line before it.