Truly accepting yourself, recognizing yourself, and listening to your inner voice is the source of spiritual growth. The complicated knowledge and skills are just to help us grow better. If we break away from our roots and only pursue effective methods, it will only take a seemingly beautiful detour.


When I first came into contact with psychology, I used a method of "self-suggestion" to help myself cope with the challenges of study and work. Because humans are very easy to be implied, this is probably a defect of the human brain itself. After all, we cannot process all the information received. Most of the redundant information is filtered or ignored, so the perception of the world is often The way we expect, the conclusions we draw are also mostly subjective.

Psychologists have done such an experiment: The Coca-Cola label flashed by the waiting screen before the movie opened. After the movie ended, the sales of the movie theater Coca-Cola increased significantly. All behaviors have conscious or subconscious guidance. If we can consciously guide our own thoughts and give ourselves positive hints, then we can change our behaviors to a certain extent. For example, before each injection, I implied that "I am very tolerant of pain, and the injection does not hurt at all." As a result, the pain really eased. When making difficult investment plans, I always imply that “I have done enough research and the prediction direction must be accurate”. This method has indeed helped me strengthen my conviction, increase courage, and successfully challenge a lot. A task that was impossible to accomplish.

This summer, I began to practice yoga systematically. There are many concepts in yoga that require us to respect our bodies, listen to our inner voices, and integrate ourselves with spirituality. I gradually realized that self-suggestion is essentially suppressing the sounds that I don't want to appear, brainwashing myself, and strengthening the power of the direction I want. However, when we have an expectation, there will be fear, fear that this expectation will not come true. When expectation and fear exist in the brain at the same time, we will constantly emphasize one of them, and will also increase the strength of the other. When we try to suppress a certain feeling, this feeling will not disappear, but will only become stronger. At this time, the contradiction arises. This contradiction will not subside due to the suppression of self-suggestion. It will always have a result ambush there, waiting for a suitable opportunity to detonate.

When we say "I am not afraid of pain", the fear of pain does not disappear, but it paralyzes the receptors, like anesthetics, which is a behavior that treats the symptoms rather than the root cause. When we say "I will succeed", we will make more efforts and will therefore be more afraid of failure. When we have the desire to control, this desire can control us. Therefore, no matter in the study, work, or life, we cannot really relax, nor can we view these things objectively and calmly. In the end, every time I face pain, I am still very scared and I need to constantly cheer myself up. When the market is repeated, I still go back and forth in the cycle of self-doubt and self-affirmation.

In psychology, self-suggestion refers to self-stimulation by subjectively imagining the existence of certain special people and things to achieve the purpose of changing behavior and subjective experience. It is the communication medium between the occurrence part of conscious thought and the subconscious action part in human mental activity. It is a kind of revelation, reminder, and instruction. It will tell you what to pay attention to, what to pursue, what to commit to, and how to act, so it can control and influence your behavior. This is an invisible "magic weapon" that everyone has. However, this is just staying at the level of "surgery", sinking deep into it, it is tantamount to a mule with carrots hanging in front of its eyes and spinning around the millstone, only satisfied with the carrots in front of them, but unable to escape the 360-degree cycle and walk away. Enter a wider world.

Embodied cognition

Wang Yangming has a poem called "Fan Hai": "Dangerous barbarians are not stuck in their chests, why are clouds flying through space? The night is quiet and the sea is 30,000 miles, and the moon is flying under the sky." I read this poem for the first time. At the time, I was shocked by the grand and indifferent scene, thinking that it should be the sign of the author looking back when he became famous. However, after looking up the information, he found out that when he was persecuted and killed by the traitor Liu Jin, he had to flee to the waterside and deliberately left his shoes, so that the pursuers thought that he had committed suicide by throwing himself into the water.

In such a treacherous situation, I still have peace of mind. The difficulties and obstacles in my heart are like overlooking the mountains from the clouds, flying away, not touching the body, and not being able to arouse any ripples. What a boldness and mind. Although we can use positive suggestions to ourselves when facing things, we still cannot fully accept the original state of things in this case. Therefore, the "risky barbarian" has long been buried in his chest, how can he deal with it lightly. For example, when the financial market is changing rapidly, when we see that the market is not operating in the way we imagined, when a large amount of funds evaporates in an instant, no one can calm down, then at this time, can we still use existing information to make correct judgments about the current situation? ? The answer is of course no.

If we want to achieve the state described in Wang Yangming's poems, we can actually accept ourselves and everything around us. People all yearn for perfection, but perfection never exists, and they are only pursuing a better self in their entire life. However, the true self is not a small core like the brain, but a combination of body, mind, and brain cognition. This whole is strictly defined.

There is a concept of "embodied cognition" in psychology, which refers to the strong connection between physical experience and mental state. That is, our thoughts cannot be separated from our bodies. The reason why we have thoughts is that the soul lives in the body. If we have the body of a cat or the body of a wolf, our thinking will be completely different.

Later, in the face of pain, I stopped telling myself "I am not afraid of it", but told myself "Yes, it will hurt, I will be a little scared". In the face of repeated market conditions, I told myself, "It's difficult. I worked hard. I have a clear conscience about the result." I exposed my fragility and no longer completely demanded myself to pursue the impossible "omnipotence" and "perfection." I did not become fragile because of this, but gained unexpected peace.

Truly accepting yourself, recognizing yourself, and listening to your inner voice is the source of spiritual growth and even transactional growth. The complex knowledge and skills are just to help us grow better. If we break away from our roots and only pursue effective methods, it will only take a seemingly beautiful detour. Therefore, traders must learn to accept themselves, pursue the unity of body, mind, and spirit, eliminate the painful dual tension, and restore inner harmony and stability. Because the hard work under the conditions of accepting the status quo is the beginning of all happiness.