There are short-term and long-term differences in foreign exchange transactions. It is recommended that investors conduct short-term transactions, especially short-term transactions on the same day, and should pay attention to the following points:

Choose the foreign exchange market. Assess whether the current level of volatility in the foreign exchange market is sufficient (considering handling fees).

According to objective conditions and characteristics, choose to participate in the volatility of foreign exchange transactions.

A. Secondary fluctuations. The range depends on foreign exchange markets; the Hang Seng Index is about 10-30 points. About ten times a day (not necessarily every time), the winning rate is 60-70%;
B. Intraday foreign exchange trading swings. Operate twice or three times a day. If the operation is successful, the winning rate is 50%, and there is a surplus (the range of the fluctuation level and the handling fee can be relatively ignored). The internal market depends on the size of the market), but higher skills are required to filter market entry time.

Find the entry point. There are only two entry points for the master's degree
A. The value price of foreign exchange transactions. This position is the right way to enter the market. Usually, it can stop in the correct place and pass the market slowly. But it needs to be farsighted.
B. Fight for prices. He kills earlier than others, wakes up faster than others, and has strong hands.

Develop the right exit strategy

In same-day trading, you can never let the market decide when to leave unless you make a misjudgment or stop loss.

Plan to leave early. There must be no time and cost for intraday trading to wait for an exit signal from the market.

Foreign exchange transactions cannot be increased at will

This is more difficult than the first input of a new single, and more factors must be considered. At the same time, prices are usually no longer so favorable. In terms of risk assessment and control, adding code will complicate the situation and adversely affect the entire transaction.
Intraday foreign exchange trading is currently the most common trading method, and investors need to have a good vision and good psychological quality to make a decisive decision. These transaction qualities cannot be achieved quickly in a short period, and investors need to explore and understand slowly.