Copy trading allows you to copy the transactions of successful foreign exchange traders and use their knowledge to profit. Let’s face it, one of the biggest obstacles to trading is lack of knowledge. Not many people have time to study charts, study different patterns, and stay at the top of the news. With copy trading, you can forget all these and use foreign exchange as an investment mechanism.

Is foreign exchange documentary reliable?

There is no denying that there is a reliable foreign exchange documentary community, but according to the current foreign exchange market situation, foreign exchange documentary is not always reliable. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 105 foreign exchange documentary communities. At present, 60 companies are still operating normally, 1 cannot withdraw funds, 8 are operating abnormally, 28 have ceased operations, and 8 have run away! Investors take a warning! Invest carefully!

Foreign exchange copy

What is the foreign exchange documentary process?

First of all, you have to choose a copy platform, go in and select the signal source, and you can observe the situation of the trader’s order before choosing.

The following summarizes a few points for smart documentary:

  1. Understand the “signal” author’s operating style, whether it is radical or robust;
  2. Understand whether the maximum amount of positions held by the author of the “signal” and whether the position control is within the robust range;
  3. Understand whether the author of “signal” usually operates short-term or short-term overnight operation;
  4. Understand whether the author of the “signal” carries orders and the maximum risk retracement control situation in the transaction process;
  5. As for the species traded by the “signal” author, this is the second place. As the saying goes, cats that can catch mice are good cats;

Through the above analysis and summary, we are basically able to grasp the situation of each signal, and have a good idea, so that we can judge whether the author of this transaction is suitable for us, and we can also determine how much position ratio we use It is appropriate to copy the trading strategy order of the signal author.

In addition to the above points, there are a few points that require special attention:

  1. Not every signal author is suitable for him, it is best to choose what he approves;
  2. We select as many stable and reliable signal authors as possible to combine and follow to achieve the purpose of diversifying risks and increasing returns; of course, this requires relatively high funding.
  3. Not many funds are suitable for copying orders, because the allocation of funds positions of signals has different requirements for everyone;
  4. With different funds, different combination plans, and different position allocation ratios, then the rate of return will naturally be different; we should treat it as usual.

Trading in the foreign exchange market is like fighting on the battlefield. Since we are fighting, we must be strategic, otherwise we may be killed in the foreign exchange market at any time. The market is unpredictable. You may see it in the morning and change the sky in the afternoon. The world is unpredictable. Trading is like life. How can there be so many lucky companions? Only iron-like trading discipline can make us go better. long. Just like many friends who experience copying in the community at present, there is no time to be quiet, but someone is doing it for you, because trading is never easy! Trading is not like some bricks in the market who can get something for nothing, nor is it like some so-called analysts in the market who brag about the right strategy and don’t talk about it when they are wrong. Many friends who have come into contact with similar teacher-taking operations, There should be such a feeling. It is better to lose ten times than once. Why? Because what you want is stable profitability, and what these so-called analysts may want is your life!

Everyone’s exposure to foreign exchange trading is like a newborn baby. As they grow up, they will surely stumble, some may get beaten up, and some may die halfway. This is the only way for every trader. The road is long and long, and I will search up and down. For any field, there is no shortage of successful cases, but most people want to be the successful person in a whimsical way. Many things emphasize talent. Rather than asking for trouble, it is more straightforward to learn from these successful methods.