On Tuesday, spot gold had little intraday volatility. After the release of the PPI data, it rose short-term, breaking through 1830, setting a new high since September 6, and finally closing up 0.43% to US$1831.70 per ounce. Spot silver fluctuated downwards and fell short-term in the U.S. market. It once approached the 24 mark and rebounded slightly, and finally closed down 0.57% to 24.28 US dollars per ounce.

The United States announced that the monthly rate of PPI in October was 0.60%, which was in line with market expectations. The previous value was 0.50%. The data has risen again. This is the fifth time in the past seven months that the monthly month-on-month information is higher than the median estimated by foreign media. Some new factors can be seen behind the inflation situation. Food prices rose by 0.93%, the most significant monthly increase since April 2020, while the owner’s equivalent rent rose by 0.43%, a record since June 2006. The biggest increase.

The White House said on Tuesday local time that it would not announce the release of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) plan for the time being. Oil price is the most critical issue. It will act as needed and continue to cooperate with OPEC to increase the oil supply.

On Tuesday, Fed Chairman Powell said that the Fed pays attention to various indicators when assessing full employment. The Federal Reserve Brad believes that the Fed is not currently considering raising interest rates but is focusing on debt reduction. The Fed Kashkari said that once the Fed ends its reduction plan, the Fed will consider when to raise interest rates.

On Wednesday, the United States announced the EIA short-term energy outlook report. It is expected that gasoline prices will rise to US$3.00/gallon in 2021 and US$2.91/gallon in 2022; WTI crude oil and Brent crude oil prices will be US$68.28/barrel and US$71.91/barrel in 2022. , Previously expected to be 68.24 US dollars/barrel and 71.91 US dollars/barrel. Next year, the growth in supply from OPEC and its allies, the United States and non-OPEC countries, will exceed the slowdown in global consumption, pushing the price of global benchmark crude oil down to an average of $72 per barrel per year.

The three major U.S. stock indexes closed down collectively. The Dow finally closed down about 110 points to 36,319.98, the Nasdaq closed down 0.6%, and the S&P 500 closed down 0.35%. The new energy vehicles, 3D printing, and U.S. infrastructure sectors generally fell; Tesla closed down nearly 12% and fell more than 16% in two days.

[November 10 (Wednesday) trading day to be announced critical data and financial events reminder]

09:30 China October PPI and CPI data

15:00 German October CPI annual rate final value

21:30 Number of initial claims for unemployment benefits in the United States as of November 6

21:30 U.S. October CPI data

23:00 The final monthly rate of U.S. wholesale inventory in September

23:30 U.S. EIA inventory report for the week ending November 5


Gold appreciated yesterday to its highest level since early September, and investors waited patiently for the U.S. inflation data to be announced later. Focus on the 1-hour support level below the gold day.

Strategy: gold 1820 area is more, stop loss 1814, target: 1835-1840


As silver breaks through the short-term trend line support level, there is a high probability that it will continue to adjust. Below, pay attention to the one-hour support level and do more if not break through the dips.

Strategy: silver 24.00 area, stop loss 23.70, target: 24.50-25.00


Crude oil stood firmly at the one-hour support level yesterday and moved upwards. Today, we are concerned about the 4-hour support level not breaking and be cautious about doing more and continuing to look up.

Strategy: crude oil 83.70 area, stop loss 83.20, target: 84.90-85.50


The euro was very repetitive yesterday, but the short-term downtrend line of the euro has broken. In the day, we should pay attention to not breaking the support below and do more.

Strategy: Euro 1.1560 area is too much, stop loss 1.1530, target: 1.1620-1.1660


The pound broke through the 4-hour downtrend line during the 4-hour low-level operation of the pound. Today, we will pay attention to the 4-hour support level below the pound to stay longer and do more.

Strategy: GBP 1.3510 area is too much, stop loss 1.3480, target: 1.3570-1.3620

Disclaimer: The above analysis only represents the author's personal opinion, and does not constitute a specific operation. According to this operation, the profit and loss are at your own risk, investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market