Investors who speculate in foreign exchange should be familiar with the Mt4 platform. The most used platform in the foreign exchange market should be the Mt4 platform. There are also many indicators in Mt4 that are of great help to our foreign exchange transactions. Today, the editor will give Everyone introduces how to use the following Mt4 volume indicators. The Mt4 volume indicator represents the current volume of traders on the mt4 platform. It is divided into multi-party volume, short-side volume and an overall volume. The multi-party is represented by a red column, the direction is upward, the short side is represented by green, and the direction is downward. .

The specific application and description of this indicator are as follows: The Mt4 volume indicator represents the strength of long and short forces. When the overall trading volume is positive and the red is upward, it means that the long side is strong. When the volume is enlarged, real foreign exchange transactions are good Do you need to pay attention to real foreign exchange transactions? There are many trading methods that can be selected in the foreign exchange market. The one that everyone is more familiar with should be real foreign exchange transactions, but for foreign exchange novices how to do real transactions is also One question, the editor below will introduce to you what to pay attention to in real foreign exchange trading. It shows that the power of many parties has increased and the market is bullish.
Mt4 volume indicator

Similarly, if multi-party trading volume shrinks, indicating that the market may have reversed, further market information is needed. If the Mt4 volume indicator is disassembled into long and short sides, investors can see the current multi-side and short-side transactions in detail, and can also understand the reasons for the current total volume change. The decline in overall trading volume may be a decrease in the long side (the long profits are slowly fleeing), or it may be a sudden short side force (the entry of high-net-worth speculators).

How to treat volume?

Many books say that the K-line should be integrated with the volume. How to judge the volume?

Technical indicators. There are countless various technical indicators in the foreign exchange market, at least about 1,000, and they are all biased. Investors are unlikely to be considerate, and only need to understand a few of them.

Common technical indicators are KDJ, RSI, etc. Generally speaking, when the K value crosses the D value twice at the bottom (20%), it is the best time to buy; when the K value crosses the D value twice at the low (about 80%), it produces a long average line arrangement. Is the best time to sell. When the RSI indicator value is between 0 and 20, the foreign exchange trading desk is oversold, and the stock can be opened; when the value is over 80 to 100, the position can be forced to close.

Moving average. Short-term stock trading generally refers to three moving averages on the 5th, 10th, and 20th. The 5-day moving average crosses the 10-day and 20-day moving average, and the 10-day moving average crosses the 20-day moving average, which is called the macd golden cross, which is the time to buy; on the contrary, it is called the long-term moving average, which is the time to sell. All three moving averages are sorted upwards, which is called the long moving average. It is the main performance of the strong loan currency. The decline in the exchange rate and the five-day, ten-day and 20-day moving average are the time to buy (note that it must be Pump).

Investing in foreign exchange is not only based on the Mt4 trading volume index. For foreign exchange investors, the price of foreign exchange is consistent in the market. Therefore, analyzing price trends is more reliable than analyzing Mt4 trading volume.

At the same time, the global economic situation, political situation and other fundamentals are also the same. It would be better to look at these together with Mt4 trading volume. However, investors should be reminded that the mt4 platform is provided by a foreign exchange company, and the trading volume seen is only the trading volume of the platform, not the investment volume of the global market. Therefore, the trading volume of the stock market is very representative, and the trading volume of the mt4 platform cannot be completely equal to the trading situation of the market.