Gold unlocking, spot gold quilt cover how to unlock the cover solution: Spot gold investment is currently a new type of investment in China, but no matter what investment is high-risk, it is also high-yield, several times, several times. Ten times the gain is very common, but in the process of trading, losses are also long-lived, and even the position will be liquidated; then in the gold trading, once the transaction is covered, what should be done? Is it painful to cut the meat or continue to carry it? To understand some tips for unwinding trading gold, the following editor will introduce to you:
Gold uncovering, how to uncover spot gold quilt covers with uncovering techniques-yuhui international

The first trick: respond to all changes with the same.

After the list is locked up, as long as it has not been released, the investor cannot be deemed to have lost money. If the list in hand has development prospects, it is still in the direction of the general trend, and the overall investment environment has not deteriorated or is likely to continue to deteriorate, and the market trend has not deviated from the unknown market, then there is no need to panic for a while. The method that should be adopted at this time is not to sell the locked orders and orders, but to keep holding them in order to cope with all changes, waiting for the close price to rise and unwind. Especially pay attention to the data on the news side,

The second trick: cut the mess with a quick knife

That is, if the list has been set, the market outlook is uncertain, and you cannot judge or the market continues to fluctuate in a bad direction, then you should sell all the quilt lists out of the market at this time to prevent the market from continuing to fall and suffer more Loss, even if you are more sure about it, you can chase and follow up more in the reverse direction to earn profits from previous losses. Adopting this kind of unwinding strategy is mainly suitable for short-term investors whose purpose is speculation. Because the longer the short-term investors hold, the greater the loss it will bring to investors.

The third trick: take advantage of the trend

This method is suitable for use when big data is quilt, that is, gold price increases in the reverse range but continues to follow up, waiting for the gold price to pull back to make a profit, especially in the data market, which is generally a trend back and forth, remember not Appropriate unilateral market trends; but to adopt this approach, you must confirm that the overall investment environment has not deteriorated, the market reverse force is not very strong, and you need to have enough positions to follow up, otherwise, it is easy to fall into overwhelming The more predicament, the more the position will be liquidated.