When choosing a broker’s MT4 trading platform, identify the formal effectiveness of the MT4 platform, choose a safe and secure formal MT4 platform, improve the company’s image, stabilize customer resources, and further increase the security of traders’ funds.

The real MT4 trading platform has language selection. The beginning of the page is the installation image of the company logo and name, but individual virtual MT4 platforms can also imitate the layout of the original test installation. Most virtual MT4 platforms are the most common installation layout, with no company logo and name installation image.

Several methods:

  1. Download the MT4 program on the mobile phone, add or find a dealer, enter the server (such as XXX-Demo, XXX-Live), if the software prompts that the server cannot be found, then the brokerage platform you are using is 100% problematic.

The reasons are: 1. Companies that purchase genuine MT4 software need to record the IP address of their server in the Metaquotes server database. 2. The mobile version of MT4 is universal, and there is no customized version for brokers. When the entered server name is searched and found to match, it will go to the corresponding IP address and link to the corresponding broker’s data and transaction server. 3. The server IP information of pirated MT4 must not be sent to Metaquotes for record.

  1. Company information and version information in the client help menu

Contains company name, website, email, phone information, the left picture is the company’s logo and version information, the version is the latest version. The fake MT4 platform does not have this copyright or the default pattern, the company logo and company name cannot be produced, the website link is inconsistent with the account opening URL, and the software version is lower.

  1. Server and data center

The real MT4 trading platform has a data reception message map in the lower right corner of the client terminal. Clicking to display more than 3 lines, but the MT4 system usually only has two-way.

A real MT4 trading platform system requires at least one host, a standby and a total of three servers in the data center, while a virtual MT4 trading platform system usually requires a host and a total of two servers in the standby. Because the virtual MT4 system does not require a data center.