There are two channels for domestic foreign exchange speculation, one is real foreign exchange, the other is foreign exchange margin trading, and the real foreign exchange is banked, with 1x leverage, and the spread is 20-30 pips. But don’t worry about funds. Foreign exchange margin trading is leveraged just like depository banks. For trading, the maximum leverage is several hundred times. Most of them do this. The spread is at 3 points in Europe and America. In addition, the funds are not as secure as placing a firm order in a bank for margin trading. Therefore, you must choose a formal platform to open an account first and deposit money. Post-account transactions will do.

Domestic foreign exchange can be done! But if you open an account in a bank, there is no leverage in foreign exchange, just like stocks! I personally think that opening an account in a bank and doing foreign exchange are meaningless! But if you open an account with a foreign exchange gold company, this is more interesting. Earn a point is $100, T+0 operation, 24 hours trading, more flexible! But the most important thing is to find a formal and powerful platform. It is very simple to distinguish whether the dealer is formal or not. It is not regulated by NFA and FSA. If it is regulated by NFA and FSA, you take his public NFA. Or check the FSA regulatory license number on the regulatory website!

Domestic foreign exchange channels
There are currently two ways to participate in foreign exchange speculation in China:

  1. Foreign exchange margin speculation, choose a foreign exchange margin company, invest a small amount of funds, use the principle of leverage to control large amounts of funds, conduct foreign exchange transactions, customers have the opportunity to use small funds to make big profits. It is conceivable that both the profit and the risk are very large, and the characteristic of the margin is that it can be speculated in both directions, that is, it can buy up or down.
  2. Shi pan speculation in foreign exchange. At present, many domestic trading banks have launched foreign exchange transaction intermediary services. Customers open foreign exchange investment accounts in commercial banks, and domestic foreign exchange speculation connects to overseas foreign exchange brokers trading platforms through commercial banks. Participating in international foreign exchange market transactions is how many dollars you have in your hands, and exchange non-US currencies at the exchange rate to earn foreign exchange differences. The prerequisite is that the hands must actually hold US dollars, and there are foreign exchange firm rooms in banks of China in various places, which are specially provided for foreign exchange people to speculate in foreign exchange.

Generally, you can apply for account opening through domestic foreign exchange introduction brokers or directly to the websites of foreign investment companies. Margin trading varies greatly depending on the size of the position to be established, and the risks and benefits vary greatly. Generally, the leverage is 5-10 times.

How do foreign exchange speculation make money?

Foreign exchange speculation is the use of currency exchange rates in different countries to make profits. Foreign exchange trading is a financial transaction based on the currency exchange rates of different countries, so when you have the correct understanding of the future direction of the exchange rate of the transaction currency, you may gain potential profits.

For example: Based on your observation of the exchange rate between the euro and the US dollar in the market, you believe that the current US dollar is undervalued relative to the euro, and you estimate that the US dollar will strengthen in the future. So, you buy a certain amount of dollars in euros in advance. If the direction of the market is consistent with your judgment, and the dollar appreciates relative to the euro, then you sell the dollar to exchange for the euro and achieve a profit. (The approximate meaning is: before you had 1 euro, it was $1.3197 to change to US dollars, and now the dollar has appreciated, you can exchange 1.31971.2920=1.021 euros with 1.3197 US dollars, which is 0.021 euros more than the previous 1 euro, achieving a profit )

How to fry foreign exchange to make money?

First of all, you must have a certain understanding of the foreign exchange market. Before investing, you should learn some relevant knowledge of international finance. In addition, it is best to understand the use of some basic indicators, not to mention proficiency, at least to have a bottom in your heart.

Learn to set up stop-profit and stop-loss. The risk of foreign exchange is big or small, and it depends on whether you can reasonably set stop-profit and stop-loss. Because the foreign exchange market sometimes fluctuates suddenly or sharply due to an unexpected event. If you don’t set the stop profit and stop loss, it is very likely that the market will be directly liquidated.

The foreign exchange market trades the country’s currency, so the currency’s rise or fall is largely determined by the country’s economy. If you want to play foreign exchange, you must pay more attention to international current affairs news and international financial data.

Maintain a good single mentality. Investment finance is the most taboo to be greedy. Just accept it when you see it, and the money is in your pocket. It is best not to chase the order if you are not sure.

EA system, a good EA system can make money. You can put EA automatic trading every day to see how much money you make. The EA system is also divided into good and bad. Good EAs are the gods of wealth of a foreign exchange company, and generally won’t spread unless they become their members. . This depends on your own judgment ability to distinguish.

Here is a little trick to tell you how to distinguish between capital and non-funds. After opening an account for the first time, you can try to recharge 100 US dollars. If you withdraw the funds and say that the US dollars are in the account, then it’s okay. On the contrary, the RMB is received in the account, so this platform is likely to be a fund.