Foreign exchange is an international market, and choosing a formal foreign exchange trading agency platform or agent is the primary problem for investors to solve. The question is, how to choose a good foreign exchange agency platform?

How to choose a high-quality foreign exchange agent?

Before choosing how to act as a foreign exchange platform, it is important to choose a formal foreign exchange trading platform. How can we choose a formal foreign exchange platform?

The most important thing is the safety of funds: To participate in foreign exchange investments, you must first find a strictly regulated dealer, so that the safety of funds can be guaranteed, such as a dealer regulated by the US NFA and CFTC or the UK FSA. At the same time, you must check the regulatory registration numbers of the dealers that will participate, and pay attention to whether the name of the dealer is the same as the name of the dealer that is queried. The foreign company should be another company with one English letter.

These are the ways to choose a formal foreign exchange agency platform. I solemnly tell you that when choosing a platform, you must choose a platform that accepts formal supervision. For investors, it can guarantee the safety of funds to the greatest extent.

There is a set of universal standards for choosing a foreign exchange trading platform that suits you.

First, strong master supervision is the first condition for choosing a foreign exchange platform.

Nowadays, foreign exchange platforms generally have several regulations, and we also need to see where the most robust one is. In the main supervision, the UK and Australia are the first to be respected, and then at least the Cyprus supervision is required. At least one of the three standard regulations in the global foreign exchange industry must be provided. The main supervision is strong, and the newly added offshore supervision can be supported.

Regarding the issue of supervision, the industry has always had some opinions that the supervision is useless. Here, we “foreign exchange merchants” reiterate our basic view of foreign exchange supervision: supervision is not everything, but no supervision is absolutely impossible, it is a powerful firewall to isolate the security risks of funds.

Second, transaction costs are one of the most important considerations besides fund security.

The cost of each major platform is very different, and it doesn’t look big in detail, but in fact it is different. Especially in the case of relatively large trading volume, even if the difference between each lot is two or three dollars, then the transaction volume of 3,000 lots a month will have a difference of nearly ten thousand dollars, which is a difference of seven to eight hundred thousand yuan in one year. Especially for traders who like to buy orders and some asset management institutions, the transaction volume is very large, and the subtle difference is the source of profit. Some people like to make gold. Gold fluctuates a lot and it seems to be very profitable. The cost of gold is also more sensitive.

Third, the stability of deposits and withdrawals.

In the current situation where deposits and withdrawals are more of a concern, the stability demonstrated by the big platform is even more soothing. Fast service, normal account opening, certification, and deposit, all make investors have a steelyard in their hearts. Funding is also very important, is it rumored that there are some platforms that are stuck in gold withdrawals? Platforms with a high degree of branding have fewer problems in this regard.

After you consider regulatory security, transaction costs, and stability of deposits and withdrawals, the remaining issues are the reputation and service of the platform provider.

Fourth, the popularity of platform providers is also a key consideration.

The popularity is not only about the safety of funds, but also about the difficulty of market development. There are many third-party agencies in this market. To develop the market, an agent must recommend a well-known platform to the customer. Because customers will gradually become very knowledgeable and will check the background of the platform. A well-known compliance platform that can withstand the test of the market and word of mouth is more worthy of long-term operation as a business.

Fifth, platform services.

The service issue of the platform has always been an important issue. Deal with all kinds of minor issues in time, some are handled through online customer service, and some are handled through account managers. Investors and agents will always face various problems. Many problems are caused by unfamiliarity with the platform and the industry. The person they are most willing to consult will be the official personnel of the platform, in order to give an authoritative answer. . Therefore, platform services are also very important. On some large platforms, the service has not been able to keep up, the number of online customer service is too small, and the line is always busy, or the questions are answered very late. This makes Chinese investors lose confidence. It is also necessary for investors to choose a platform provider with high-quality services for trading.