Foreign exchange slippage, it is estimated that foreign exchange slippage has been encountered. To put it bluntly, foreign exchange slippage refers to a kind of trading situation in which the positioning point of the investor submitting an order is different from the specific trading positioning point. When the buying and selling price is different from the starting and ending price, it will cause slippage. At this stage, foreign exchange slippage cannot be avoided. The key is that it cannot be prevented because of slippage.

Foreign exchange slippage

What is normal forex slippage?

Although foreign exchange slippage is a normal phenomenon (except for black platforms), it also depends on the slippage. This should be viewed from two aspects. One is the number of slippages, and the other is the size of the slippage. Slippage is unavoidable on any platform, but as long as the number of slippages is small and the slippage point is not large, it still has little impact on traders. Of course, if the market encounters a major “black swan” event, then the significant slippage is also It can happen.

Although foreign exchange slippage is a normal condition (outside the black platform), it also depends on how much the slippage is. This should be viewed from two levels. One is the frequency of slippage, and the other is the size of slippage. Slippage is something that all platforms cannot prevent, but if the frequency of slippage is small, the positioning point of slippage is not large, and it is still not harmful to investors.

Can foreign exchange slippage be compensated?

If an investor finds that his order has slippage, the first thing to do is to keep the evidence, and only need to cut off the picture of his slippage order. After retaining the evidence, explain your own screenshots and situation, and send an email to the official mailbox of the foreign exchange platform to handle such problems or directly contact the official customer service of the foreign exchange platform to apply for compensation. Generally, the foreign exchange platform will review the investor’s slippage after receiving the appeal, and the foreign exchange platform will usually reply to the investor within 7 to 10 working days. If it passes, investors can be compensated.

Foreign exchange slippage

How to solve foreign exchange slippage and what countermeasures are there?
How to reduce foreign exchange slippage?

To reduce slippage, we can proceed from two aspects according to the reasons for slippage. First, try to choose a large foreign exchange platform. Such platform network equipment and servers are relatively stable, and can minimize slippage caused by the network and servers. The second aspect is that traders try not to choose to place orders when the market fluctuates sharply, such as when non-agricultural data is released.

If you want to minimize slippage, you can start from the following two aspects: one is to choose a formal large platform as much as possible, the infrastructure of the large platform will be better, so that the server and network delay will be less, and some large platforms have some compensation. The second aspect, try not to choose to place orders when the market fluctuates too sharply, such as non-agricultural, which can also reduce the occurrence of slippage.