After the Jiasheng foreign exchange account is opened, investors only need to deposit funds before they can trade. So, how does the Jiasheng platform deposit and withdraw funds? · Introduction to Jiasheng Group Platform

Jiasheng Group is a global online transaction service provider. Provide investors in more than 180 countries around the world with foreign exchange, precious metals and commodities and index contracts for difference (CFD) services. And provide products and services in English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and other languages. So far, Jiasheng Group has established offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and other places. The company and its member companies are supervised by multiple agencies worldwide.

Introduction to the method of deposit and withdrawal on the Jiasheng platform

Investors are most concerned about the issue of withdrawing funds from the Jiasheng platform. Just imagine, what every investor is most worried about is that there is no loss, and how happy it is to get the money back in time. We Emphasize on how to deposit and withdraw funds on the Jiasheng platform.

Deposit: After using the account password to log in to the personal background, click “Fund Deposit” — “Account Deposit”-to deposit;

Types of account deposit cards supported by the Jiasheng platform

Withdrawal: After logging in to the personal background with your account password, click “Funds Deposit and Withdrawal” — “Account Withdrawal”-to withdraw money;

requires attention:

  1. If the deposit was made by credit card before, the amount of the credit card deposit will usually be returned to the original credit card by credit card. If there is any excess part, it needs to be returned to the savings card under the customer’s name by wire transfer. In other words, only after the credit card deposit is returned to the original card, can you withdraw money by wire transfer, and there is no handling fee for credit card deposits and withdrawals.
  2. The wire transfer method can only be used for wire transfer back to the savings card, and the wire transfer method will have a bank handling fee of 25-40 US dollars.
  3. The RMB deposit can be directly with UnionPay or with UnionPay. This method does not have any handling fees and is very convenient. However, the part that exceeds the UnionPay method of depositing still needs to be returned by wire transfer; for example, if you deposit 20,000 US dollars through UnionPay and withdraw 30,000 US dollars after making a profit, then the 20,000 US dollars will be refunded by UnionPay, and the other 10,000 will be returned by wire transfer.
  4. After submitting the withdrawal application, the customer can log in to the “personal backstage” at any time, and check the processing progress and status of the withdrawal application in the “Pending Application” under “Fund Access”, which is convenient and transparent.